Angels & Airwaves Deliver Anthemic Banger ‘Euphoria’

After tantalising a select group of fans with an impressive mystery promo box earlier in the week, the time has officially come for Angels & Airwaves to debut the next song from their forthcoming (yet-to-be-announced) sixth studio album – and it’s well worth the wait gang!!!. ‘Euphoria‘ is here and immediately after you hear Tom DeLonge‘s iconic vocals, your attention will instantly be captured, especially with that guitar riff kicks in. More on the song soon, time for a catch up lesson…

For those not in the know, this next phase of AvA consists of vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge, Ilan Rubin on drums, Matt Rubano on bass and the one and only David Kennedy is finally back on guitar duties for the first time since the band’s 2011 Love: Part Two album was released. Together, this new foursome makes up Angels & Airwaves and we cannot wait to see what they do together.

Back to ‘Euphoria‘, the song presents itself like a continuation of the sound on their 2014 album The Dream Walker, except with 7 years of musical progression added on top. Tom’s iconic vocal twang is on point and it won’t be long before his legion of fans learn the words to this latest offering. Ilan’s drumming will have you nodding along to the beat (not to mention shaking your head side to side after that riff) while Rubano strums along in the background with his sensual bass line. AvA has been a band that utilized synth to create bigger than anticipated sounds and this is evident in this song alone. This single deserves to be played in stadiums across the world, where it will truly sound at home.

On the new song, DeLonge revealed:

In a music world that seems to be absent guitars, angst, and emotional authenticity, I felt it was important to lead with a song that mirrors the post-hardcore days of my youth, where the power of the music creates that feeling we once had as teenagers, where we wanted to break something and change the poisonous environment within our broken homes… These emotions create us. This song shows the seductive nature of an intense love built with that baggage from our youth, from being born into an imperfect household.”

As for the video, Britni Sumida from their ‘Kiss & Tell‘ video is back and she’s on a mission, to obtain some kind of secret information by any means necessary and without spoiling anything, she has a rough time getting what she needs. It’s unknown if Britni’s appearances are part of an interconnecting story in the AvA-Verse, but we’re watching a little closer now just in case.

For the simp fans like me, you can’t help but hear similarities/nods between this track and ‘Paralyzed‘ from TDW which makes me think we’re going to hear either a continuation of that sound on their forthcoming record or, this is just a sample of the old sound, updated with the new lineup.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Angels & Airwaves are back and this is just the start of what they’ve been working on for the better part of the past 7 years. Strap yourselves in for a hell of a ride…

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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