Elevate Your Emo Senses With Bukowski’s New Single ‘elevator song’

If you’re all about moody soundtracks, do not bypass Melbourne emo/rock four piece Bukowski. Led by Between You and Me’s James “Bassy” Karagiozis, this upcoming musical project combines sad, emotive lyrics with intricate layers of soft rock melodies that’s sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Kicking off with a thumping drumbeat, ‘elevator song’ is the band’s first single in four years which shows off major progression as a full-fledged alternative/rock quartet experimenting with gentle melodies with that feels so wholesome.

Bassy shares the song’s essence with us:

“The main premise of this track is trying to understand things you learned whilst growing up. Different belief systems and views on things, battling those things that you can still see truths in while others you have a tough time grasping. Questioning whether something is right but getting stuck because if one thing you learn is right, does that mean everything could possibly be right? This sets the doubt and fear that grows within my mind.”

The song allows us to indulge in our inner emo kid and since emo is no longer a phase now (it’s a fucking lifestyle!), it’s time to embrace your feelings. Absolutely one for the #sadaf playlist kids!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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