Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Unleash Their First New Song in Five Years!

When we caught up with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! frontman Bertrand Poncet last year, he poured his frustrations about COVID, the disruptions it’s had to touring but also revealed that new music was 100% on the way. Well, it looks like that day is finally here. The band have just dropped their first single in five years and, despite its title, this is anything but. ‘Bitter’ is a reflection of the band’s hugely successful years touring the world while also incorporating their newfound growth and maturity from their time away.

Featuring a ferocious blend of high energy riffs, ‘Bitter’ is an anthem and builds on what the band have offered us through their history since 2010’s Something For Nothing and following that up with Pardon My French and Get Lost, Find Yourself. It’s punchy, catchy and even contains a pretty fun breakdown. The band’s iconic “easycore” tendencies are still there, and the guys sound better than ever.

Bert shares his excitement on the band’s maturing new chapter:

“Chunk is back — FINALLY. Our last album came out six years ago. Since then, we’ve grown so much as individuals and as a band. We have had a lot more life experience, as humans and as musicians, to draw from. In addition to producing this record ourselves, we experimented with our songwriting approach and have tried new things that we cannot wait for you to hear. Don’t worry. It still has all the old Chunk feels that you know and love —with a fresh new sound that will knock you off your feet.”

While ‘Bitter’ is the first taste of new music in five years, it’s actually the second offering from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!’s forthcoming fourth album, Gone Are the Good Days. For longtime fans, you might remember that ‘Blame It On the Song’ was unveiled during 2016 just before the guys disappeared off our radar. Now, together with ‘Bitter’, both tracks can offer up an incredibly infectious, fun and high-energy blend of what Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is all about in 2021. As Bert reassured us last year:

“… we know that the fun part is in the party and it’s also part of our sound. However, the Chunk! you’ll get in 2021 will be more fun, but also a lot smarter and mature in a way than we were five years ago.”

Chunk! No Captain Chunk!’s new album Gone Are the Good Days is out July 30 via Fearless Records/Virgin Australia. Pre-order here

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Gone Are the Good Days tracklisting:

1. Bitter
2. Drift Away
3. Gone Are The Good Days
4. Marigold
5. Made For More
6. True Colors
7. Good Luck
8. Complete You
9. Blame It On This Song
10. Painkillers
11. Tongue Tied
12. Fin.

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