Prepare Your Necks for Korzus’ New Belter ‘You Can’t Stop Me’

Most people know Brazilian metal thanks to Sepultura and the on-going projects of Max Cavalera. The country as a whole though has a rich history of hard hitting metal, from Armored Dawn to Nervosa to The Troops of Doom. Sao Paulo thrashers Korzus have been active since 1983, and continue to put out high quality headbanging albums since. It has been a while though, so it is great to have some new Korzus for us to fire up.

Their new single ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ is a ferocious riff fest with the lyrics reflecting on the cyclical nature of karma. Symbolically invoking the Oroboros, a snake that bites its own tail, the cinematic clip captures the lyrics harrowing depiction of anger, hate and the consequences of bullying. The song itself is classic thrash, with blinding guitar leads and a biting vocal approach from Marcello Pompeu.

The video is directed by renowned director Leo Niberti (Megadeth, Dee Snider, Europe) and features a performance by Christian Cavalera (drummer Iggor’s son) in a mystical costume that elevates the song to the spiritual dimension.

Niberti commented that:

“Metal has its own language and a very objective origin. It’s a kind of directed hate used to find your inner warrior, a hate used to find love. However, people use hate for hate, as an escape valve, they have no tolerance, patience or kindness. This energy must be directed and it’s necessary to show that what goes around, comes back around.”

In addition to Cavalera’s performance, the storyline shows different people suffering at the hands of others and taking matters into their own hands. The results are confronting and sure to be a conversation starter.

‘You Can’t Stop Me’ is a great example for those who focus on the negative aspects of metal, this is a song that is here to explore hate but offer hope. It is a hell of an outlet from an outstanding band.

Words by – KJ Draven (Twitter). Instagram: @kjdraven

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