Royals Break Down in Mosh-Heavy Anthem ‘Jaded’

Ever since we got ahold of Royals’ track, ‘Worldwide Catastrophe’ earlier this year, they’ve kinda been at the forefront of our minds when we think of pop punk. The rising UK four piece are spreading their infectious sound and it’s kinda hard not to get amongst it.

Royals have packed even more energy into new single ‘Jaded’, combining a punchy as heck attitude with wholesome pop melodies and an explosive breakdown that’ll have you up on your feet. Amongst all its heavy mosh and ADTR-like energy and positive charm though is an anthem for mental health and breaking its stigma.

The boys are definitely out to prove that their songs can be prevalent for anyone who is struggling right now, with vocalist Luke Smithson sharing with us his own struggles:

“The past year has been one of the toughest times of my life and I’ve been in a dark place that to be honest, I’m still struggling to truly get out of. I bottled up a lot of things and felt completely at my breaking point. My aim for this song is to share awareness of mental health and break the stigma that comes along with it! I want others to know that they are not alone and that many of us go through difficult times in our lives. I am hopeful ‘Jaded’ will resonate with anyone who may have been through some struggles in their life, and that it helps to provide some form of release. I am sure this will be very relatable to a lot people given what we have been through over the last year. I think that yearning for things to go back to a previous time is a message that right now we can all get behind and throughout any period in our lives it’s often a prevalent feeling.

Jaded is probably the darkest & heaviest song we’ve ever released however still keeps true to our upbeat, pop punk sound. Musically this song is quite a bit different to some of our previous releases, being a little experimental with new sounds such as more synths, and also a heavier breakdown, influenced by our heavier music inspirations, so we’re really excited to see what the response from our listeners is like. It’s definitely a step towards where we would like our sound to be as a band.”

With ‘Jaded’ being the band’s strongest single to date and with their forthcoming EP, A Spark To Ignite set to drop on June 11, there’s no stopping Royals now. I have no doubt that this five piece are set to become everyone’s favourite pop punk band on the block in no time.

Words By Tamara May @citylightstam

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Royals – A Spark to Ignite EP tracklisting

1. Worldwide Catastrophe
2. Fair-weather Friend
3. Gone
4. Jaded
5. Out Of Reach

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