Don’t Skip Out on Attack Attack!’s New Song ‘Brachyura Bombshell’ Just Yet…

If you’re still around for Attack Attack! after they released that terrible ‘Kawaii Cowboys’ erm, teaser…well, this one’s for you. The band have now dropped their official second single ‘Brachyura Bombshell’ which follows up their return to the scene last December with ‘All My Life’.

Look, I’m just going to come out and say that ‘Brachyura Bombshell’ is definitely the better track of the two in terms of its sound. Vocalist Chris Parketny treads into clean territory here, which is a nice contrast against its heavy wave of sound pulsating inbetween that obvious EDM/synthcore/crabcore style. It’s nothing too groundbreaking, and if you’re a fan of Wage War, I Prevail and Beartooth, then yeah, I reckon this is definitely up your alley.

Looks like we’re finally getting somewhere though, if the band keep at it with songs like ‘Brachyura Bombshell’, then there might be a spot in the scene for Attack Attack! in 2021 after all. Keep it up!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam 

Stream ‘Brachyura Bombshell’ here

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