The Last Martyr Tackle Nu-Metal with New Song ‘Hindsight’

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from The Last Martyr following the release of their Creatrix EP back in 2019, but today they’re back with a new lineup and a new song for fans to sink their teeth into! ‘Hindsight‘ was conceived in early demos by new bassist Ricky Andreas and the sound takes the band in a nu-metal direction which is certainly going to please those nu-metal revivalist fans who froth acts like Ocean Grove or Thornhill and still play Limp Bizkit on a weekly basis!

On the new song’s lyrical inspiration, it came from a place most of us have been in, according to frontwoman Monica Strut:

“During our time in the studio recording ‘Hindsight’ I was processing a breakdown of a friendship and working relationship with someone I was beginning to realise held a lot of power over me. I had been holding back my opinions, my voice and who I truly was from this person and over time, without realising, doing so had started to wear away at my self-esteem… Sometimes it’s only through the benefit of hindsight we can see situations for how they really were and, well, as they say, hindsight is truly a bitch.”

Ain’t that the truth! Get it into ya now!

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