Vengeance Release New Track ‘Malice’

Theres definitely something in the water down under as the pure talent that is coming out of Australia’s heavy music community is phenomenal. The latest band to catch our eye is Vengeance with their brand new track ‘Malice’ from their forthcoming EP, Retaliation. The song is fast and heavy, which is exactly what we would expect from this lot. From the chuggy riffs, to the insanely tight breakdown, this song ticks all the boxes for the heaviest of core music lovers.

To give us some more insight on the track, vocalist Jerry Chard gave us this insight:

Malice is a story of survival and retribution. This song is for those who have been used, manipulated, and hurt by someone they trusted. The person who enters the room claiming to be everything you want them to be. They’ll change their personality, they adjust their mannerisms, their back story, all to fit the narrative they’ve written to comfort you. They’ll diminish your dreams and goals as if they’re insignificant because they’ve supposedly done better, or don’t believe you have the potential to achieve. They’ll try shift your focus, tell you that rather than following your path you should instead join them on their journey to reach their potential. They’ll flatter you with gifts, and compliment you when you betray your own good will or misplace your morals. They will attempt to reshape you until you are nothing but their pawn, and once they’ve used you up they’ll discard you. They’ll tell you that you are no longer the person they were once drawn to. All this to move on to their next innocent victim. Once you have been betrayed by this snake, you will see them everywhere you go. They may shed their skin, change their name but inside they are all the same. It’s time to cut the head off, before it grows again.

If you like what you hear be sure to head down to Vengeance‘s upcoming tour supporting Alpha Wolf.

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