Suspect208 Unveil Riffy New Song ‘You Got It’

It’s no secret Suspect208 have fast become hot property since their debut mid-pandemic last year, but it’s not been without some challenges along the way for the foursome (revisit their journey here). However, the lads aren’t letting anything get in their way as they continue with their rise to success with a new song landing online called ‘You Got It‘ which guitarist Niko Tsangaris spoke to us exclusively about, revealing:

“‘You Got It’ is a grand, punk rock epic about removing people from your life who were bringing you down. It’s about moving on and redemption. Cody’s voice on this song really shows a different side of him than we’ve heard before. It’s pure cutting-edge storytelling, with him going all over his range throughout the song.”

The bell tolls to initiate proceedings and the thundering intro is insane. Niko’s guitar comes crunching down on top of Tye’s pounding bass and London’s drums are a thousand beautiful miles an hour. The lads sound well-seasoned despite their age, and as a band they’re as tight as a fish’s arse. The fury builds to something truly enormous and then it all goes south. The song itself is massive and is as catchy as fuck but new singer Cody Houston is left falling short under the weight of this song.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Cody’s sound. There were moments during his first Suspect208 song ‘Nicotine’ where he really stood out. He’s got a bit of punk rock about him for sure. A bit of Iggy, a bit of Buckcherry, a lot of wide-ranging punk influence for sure. But some of the singing sounds very raw and somewhat rushed despite the fast pace of the song and some of the lyrics weren’t given any room to breathe. As a result, they get lost in the mess of an inconsistent vocal delivery and a lack of (or perhaps too much) direction during recording. It’s a shame because Cody can sing and can be a hell of a frontman. His punk rock delivery can elevate this group to where they deserve to be but perhaps a fresh set of ears during their recording sessions will do them the world of good.

Aside from that, the song itself has a bit of the grandioso of My Chemical Romance, the grunt of The Damned and the dangerous grace of Guns n Roses. Niko’s guitar is epic. An absolute monstrous sound that is raised high on the back of London Hudson (drums) and Tye Trujillo‘s (bass) rhythmic union. I just want Cody to rise above all and take the mantle as his own.

Still, a great sign of things to come. I still think this group is the future of rock. It’s theirs to take.

Words by Duane James @duanejamestattoo

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