Days Like These Go Large on New Single ‘High & Glow’

Brisbane’s Days Like These are reaching new heights in their music these days. Just last month, the band returned with their new single ‘Gravity’, showing off a brand new style and sound and to be completely honest with you, we’re digging them more than ever. The five piece are following up on that release now with new track ‘High & Glow’, and this one’s an even bigger vibe.

Inspired by 90s rave culture, ‘High & Glow’ reflects on the toxicity of party culture with pulsating beats and groovy nu-metal kicks. Despite these groovy undertones though, the band manage to bring it back to what we love with a delicious breakdown midway through and I can see this song sitting quite nicely next to Australian heavyweights Northlane and Ocean Grove. Vocalist Callen Batson spoke to us about how his own relationship with drug use inspired this heated track:

“‘High & Glow’ is one of the more personal songs on Wide Awake and through writing it, I learned more about my relationship with substances, both negatively and positively. I had a very specific vision for High & Glow and I was relieved and ecstatic that Chris (Lalic) recognised it and took it to the level we knew it could be. There were a few moments where we were questioning it’s potential, but when we had finished tracking it, we were like ‘damn, this is f**king sick!’

I was always pushing for this song to appear in the back half of the EP. It’s one of two heavier leaning songs but I’ve always viewed it as a curveball, and I wanted to ensure that Wide Awake is an exciting listen from the first track, all the way through to the last track. The dark and “rave-like” elements to this song really gave it a unique character, not too dissimilar to a band such as Northlane, which is cool, because generally we wouldn’t really be thrown into that ballpark.”

Sounds like Days Like These have finally found their calling, and we aren’t the only ones to notice either. Big ups to the boys who managed to convince the AFL to give their song a spin during a game this weekend. Huge win boys!

Meanwhile, Days Like These will unveil their new EP, Wide Awake on May 14.

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