Teeth – ‘Upcoming Aussie Core To Sink Your Chompers Into’

Sydney based metalcore/deathcore act Teeth are dropping their brand spanking new EP Dark Harvest this coming Friday and boy are we excited (our review here). To get more info about what to expect on launch day, we got in touch with the band to find out what exactly has been happening over at the Teeth base camp, their progression over the years and why you should be sinking your teeth into them…

Hey lads, great to chat with the new and improved Teeth. For those not in the know, how did this final lineup come to be?

Ryan: Hey dude, Teeth initially started as a two piece studio only band. Once we got the itch to do some shows again Blake and I went and played with a few drummers. Not many could commit to our schedule. Our producer Jono suggested Jerry. He was onboard playing show and decided to join the band after we had released Prey For War. From the start Jimbo from Bare Bones was helping out and playing live with us and tracking some bass with us on ‘Prey For War’ and ‘Rapture’.

Eventually Bare Bones began the process for their recent album Rival Minds and Jimbo didn’t have the time to do both. In need of a bassist we asked Anthony to play with us. He was already at most of our shows and at the pub with us so it was an easy choice for us to get a good mate.

You’ve been around for a few years now, released the EP Prey For War back in 2019. How has the band progressed from then to now ahead of the release of Dark Harvest EP?

Ryan: We have become a tighter unit and with that not only our live sound has matured but our sound in the studio has changed. The riffs have become more chord based, yet we still love a chromatic scale. The bass is more striving to be interesting and our goal is to make it complement the tracks in a new way. We are constantly trying to try something new, whether it is a riff we think is ridiculous or a push into a new tempo or rhythm we are not comfortable with. This is the same with the vocals. Blake is constantly trying different vocal techniques and timings that he hasn’t done before. Along with the experimentation, we are aware of our strengths and have tightened this into a sound that we think represents the band. Intense, aggressive, entertaining and fun.

Would you say these two EPs (and songs like ‘Rapture’) make up your signature sound that you’re honing in on?

Ryan: ‘Rapture’ was a new era for us in terms of sound and I think this EP builds on that somewhat. While we have call backs to our older material I believe from ‘Rapture’ onwards we have found a sound we love for now. This EP is the latest representation and reflection of our working relationship together and with our behind the scenes team. 

The ‘Blood Money’ video consists of body builders being judged by critics on their techniques.
How did the concept come about and is it a metaphor for anything in particular (eg breakdowns in the heavy scene haha).

Ryan: Chris and Mac in the video have been longtime friends of Blake and I. I initially had the idea during the Prey For War EP to have them in a video. I believe it was a weight competition between them and the final challenge was the heaviest lift. The Band with the EP. That eventually developed and having Dane on board to help with the vision was great. We have always liked the idea of a fun non serious video. They make the shooting days go quick and not seem so tedious. It is also an enjoyable way for us to be creative in the video space while having a laugh. No metaphor at all, just a fun day for us and a great way to involve some mates.

You’ve also teamed up with guest vocalists, Chris Zagaz (Heists) and Mikey Arthur (The Gloom In The Corner).
What drew you to these heavy hitters?

Ryan: The band is close with Chris and it was an obvious choice for us to have him on a track. He has developed into a powerhouse of a vocalist and brings a different vibe to the track in a way that we may not normally be able to do. We have known Mikey for a few years now and I personally find the energy of Gloom’s live shows unique and impressive. Mikey is a great guy and a unique vocalist. Gloom are a band we love and a consistent, hard working bunch of dudes. We were stoked to be able to have another mate contribute to our latest release.

Now that live music is beginning to make a return (your EP launch show is in Sydney on Saturday too – tickets here), how do you guys take the ferocity from the studio and present it on stage?

Ryan: Our last show before COVID was March 13th 2020 and our next show was October 31st 2020. So we were fortunate to have a shorter break from the stage than some. We’ve tried to keep busy since then so the rust doesn’t get too deep. We have been working hard on the new tracks with the live show in mind since November. Nothing beats hours of practice! We try to remember that it is important for everyone at the gig to have fun and leave with something. Including us. To up there, relax, have fun & go as hard as we can.

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TEETH – Dark Harvest EP Launch in Sydney this Saturday April 3rd

If there was anything you could tell fans/passive listeners before they go and listen to Dark Harvest, for the first time, what would that be?

Ryan: Have fun with the release, don’t take things too seriously. This is a heavy record for us but in a different way than we have done in the past. Listen out for the small detail as that is what we work hard on and are most proud of. This is a larger, faster, more aggressive Teeth.

Hypothetical Question Time – If you HAD to lose a tooth (no ifs, buts or way out) how would you like that bad boy ripped from your mouth?

Ryan: I think my best one was a Fruit Roll up. My worst was face planting the planet. I’ll take the roll up again every time.

Blake: In a chair with copious amounts of drugs.

Any final thoughts for fans?

All: We have great fans. As long as they exist we will continue to try and make music. Don’t be shy, reach out, come to a show, say hi, stay for a beer & most of all bang your head!

Interview by Adam Rice

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Teeth – Dark Harvest EP tracklisting:

1. Drowning In Black
2. A Thief & A Funeral
3. Bad News Ghoul (ft. Chris Zagas from Heists)
4. Crushed By The Covenant (ft. Mikey Arthur from The Gloom In The Corner)
5. Blood Money
6. Nightshade

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