Teeth – Dark Harvest (EP Review)

Teeth – Dark Harvest EP
Released: April 2nd, 2021 


Blake Curby // Vocals
Ryan Godfrey // Guitar
Anthony Davino // Bass
Jeremy Landayan // Drums



Sydney metalcore/deathcore band Teeth have been doing the hard yards over the past few years, supporting big-name acts such as Kublai Khan TX, Stray From The Path, Alpha WolfJustice For The Damned, as well as playing at Good Things Festival in Sydney in 2019 and all for the right reasons. This committed four-piece have spent a good part of the pandemic hard at work preparing what could be the breakthrough release that they deserve.

Beginning with an enticing drum beat, ‘Drowning In Black’ leaves me exactly where the band wants me… wishing that I was in the middle of a mosh pit. The EP opener is highly energetic and fast-paced. The song doesn’t fluctuate much throughout its entirety, but in this instance, consistency is key. ‘A Thief & A Funeral’ begins with a slow guitar riff that continues to be the strongest aspect of the song right throughout. The strong vocals strike me as being one of Teeth‘s greatest assets, and this track is an excellent example of that, especially at the song’s breakdown.

The intro of ‘Bad News Ghoul’ is mind-blowingly heavy; the overwhelming guitar riffs and double kicks leave me on the edge of my seat as I wait in anticipation for what is to come, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I got to the outro. This track includes a guest feature from Heists vocalist Chris Zagas, who adds an incredible amount of depth to the song; the ebb and flow of both vocalists is something that we didn’t know we needed. Next up is ‘Crushed By The Covenant’ featuring The Gloom In The Corner vocalist Mikey Arthur. The drumming techniques used in this offering are exceptional and really seem to be the heart and soul of this track. The pre breakdown lyrics of “eat shit and die” really make me wish I was swinging my arms in a mosh pit right now. Arthur’s high pitched vocals post breakdown add a high-quality touch to the song.

The latest single from this release is ‘Blood Money’. It is full of synths and djent guitar techniques, which makes for a delightful listening experience. The repeating of the phrase “fuck that” is surprisingly fun to hear and unique in its own sense. The EP’s final song ‘Nightstand’ finishes this collection of tracks on a high note, the chugging guitars, smashing of cymbals and the lyrics “you fucking shit cunt” leaves me completely satisfied with this song, as well as the EP in its entirety.

Teeth is a fast-paced and highly energetic band that uses its strengths to breathe new life into the metalcore/deathcore sound. They use this ability separate themselves from the rest, making them an extremely exciting act to watch.

Teeth – Dark Harvest EP tracklisting:

  1. Drowning In Black
  2. A Thief & A Funeral
  3. Bad News Ghoul (ft. Chris Zagas from Heists)
  4. Crushed By The Covenant (ft. Mikey Arthur from The Gloom In The Corner)
  5. Blood Money
  6. Nightshade

Rating: 9/10
Dark Harvest EP is out Friday. Pre Order Here
Review by Adam Rice

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