As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other (Album Review)

As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other
Released: 26 March 2021


Charlie Rolfe // vocals
Adam Kerr // guitar
Owen Hill // guitar
George Hunt // bass
Jon Cassidy // synth
Jamie Gowers // drums



As Everything Unfolds is an upcoming post-hardcore six piece hailing from the UK and from first listen will suck you into their dark, grimey world of despair, faith and hope. The band is led by frontwoman Charlie Rolfe, whose soaring vocals and intense growls really take this act to the next level. They’re probably my new favourite band of 2021 and their debut full-length, Within Each Lies The Other is absolutely worth everyone’s time of day.

Kicking off strong is the punchy pop punk/emo anthem, ‘On The Inside’. From those intro synths to chuggy riffs to frontwoman Charlie Rolfe’s edgy, melodic pipes, what’s there not to love about this belter? This song shows huge promise for the band right through to the final note, wow. Second track ‘Take Me There’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and eerie synth evolve into an incredible heavy soundscape. It’s our first glimpse of Rolfe intertwining between soaring vocals and screams that feel super raw and intense. Add to that a hella chuggy breakdown towards the end here and it’s almost as if this band can do no wrong. This song is huge.

‘Wallow’ was the first track that really made me fall in love with As Everything Unfolds though. Beginning with so much angsty energy and even harsher lyrics, before interchanging into a beautifully melodic chorus, this song will surely entice heavy fans from all over to get behind these guys hard. It’s an emotionally charged anthem, full of angst and inspired by frustration.

‘Stranger in the Mirror’ goes off on a little more of an alternative/punk tangent. It’s an empowering anthem of self-encouragement, combined with dramatic riffs and melodies. There’s alot of sounds and styles here to help emanate those strong emotions about coping with our struggling, innermost thoughts.

Inspired by loss and grief, ‘I’m Not the Only One’ comes pummelling in with a thumping beat. There’s a huge breakdown and blast beats towards the end which absolutely explodes. I can just feel the energy the band will bring to future moshpits once touring resumes. It’s definitely one for the heavy fans, before they calm down for ‘Grayscale’ — the song that introduced me to As Everything Unfolds. The cleans take centre stage, almost ballad-like until the final breakdown, where we witness Charlie almost coming undone (“fighting for my life”). I don’t know about you, but she is definitely one of my favourite new voices in the alternative realm this year.

‘Stay’ follows a similar energy to ‘On The Inside’ with its pop punky energy. It’s a vibrant, empowering anthem that’s definitely one of the more light hearted tracks on the album, but packs a big punch with those chuggy guitars driving the melody.

‘Let Me Go’ changes up the pace before having the vocals and melodies kinda collide into one another. It’s quite a reflective anthem and feels wholly relatable on every level, especially when Rolfe’s world comes crashing down with the crushing melody and wails “When will you let me go?” But wait, there’s more. One of the biggest breakdowns on this album lies in ‘Hiding From Myself’. This song is something else. It’s chaotic, emotional and punchy as fuck, with frenetic guitars paired with gut-wrenching vocals and screams taking the band to the next level.

‘One Last Time’ crashes into your ears like a giant wall of sound, before final track ‘Wither’ sees the band coming together with an almost perfect balance between intense screams and softer melodies that collide together so seamlessly.

This is quite the stunning debut from a band who have just crept into our radar almost unnoticed. Within Each Lies The Other sees As Everything Unfolds pack in strong melodies and turbo-charged breakdowns while seemingly embracing their own self-doubt. Honestly, after listening to this a thousand times over, I get so excited at the bright future this band is gearing up for. I highly recommend you join me and look forward to seeing everything unfold for them in the next few months…

As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other tracklisting:

1. On the Inside
2. Take Me There
3. Wallow
4. Stranger in the Mirror
5. I’m Not the Only One
6. Grayscale
7. Stay
8. Let Me Go
9. Hiding From Myself
10. One Last Time
11. Wither

Rating: 9/10
Within Each Lies The Other is out now. Listen here
Review By Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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