Stepson – Help Me Help You (Album Review)

Stepson – Help Me Help You
Released: 26 March 2021


Brock Alan Conry // Vocals
Jayden Ridley // Bass/Vocals
Nick Bennett // Guitars
Robert Suthern // Guitars
Jordan McDonald // Drums



Having had a new album that was set to ‘come out soon’ for what seems like an eternity now (thanks, COVID), one of Brisbane’s finest up and coming punk/hardcore acts, Stepson has finally set a date for when they will grace us with new music. This band knows no bounds and has never allowed themselves to be defined by the restrictions of a particular genre, which has made me excited to delve into this album.

Stepson kicks off the album with ‘Learning To Let Go’, a faster-paced track which will have you headbanging in seconds. With impressive drumming techniques and guitar riffs, this album opener is perfect for getting you in the mood for what is to come! ‘Run’ continues at the same pace as the previous song while adding clean vocals for the first time in the album. Lyrics such as “I’m just scared / I promise I’m not complacent / I feel so alone.” are a running theme in this piece. It’s an intimate look into the band’s world, and it’s incredibly refreshing. A guitar solo towards the end gives this track another element that works in their favour.

In a statement from Brock Alan Conry (vocals), “Deeper Sleep is about insecurities that can carry over from past abusive relationships. The inner turmoil experienced everyday from past trauma can affect the present and future to the point where even dreams feel real.” This track is intimate and is dripping with heartache, with lyrics such as “I see the way you look at me like I’m supposed to break your heart / Just like the others from your past that you’re still in contact with.” cementing this. Brock’s fast-paced, emotionally fuelled high screams are a seemingly new element that adds a world of depth to the track. Next up is ‘Who Are We?’, which holds a strong influence from Blink-182. The melodic song is full of intricacies and an ever so catchy chorus. I dare you to try to sit still while this song plays!

Beginning with an acoustic guitar, ‘Dilemma’ is a slow-paced anthem that switches between contrasting sounds. Brock‘s(Vocalist) ability to adapt his voice for a more direct sound is otherworldly, with this track being a prime example. Taking the album back to a higher tempo, ‘Come With Me’ incorporates impressive double kicks, hard-hitting screams and shredding guitar riffs. This particular banger has the strongest breakdown on the album. Layered vocals at the outro of the song takes a black and white aspect of this song and makes it technicolour.

Bringing in guest vocalist Zach Britt (Dream On Dreamer, Young Lions), ‘Hush’ is slow yet heavy, which reminds me vaguely of The Amity Affliction‘s earlier years. The alternation from multiple vocalists on this piece is the piece of this album that we didn’t know was missing until now. ‘The Shift, The Blur’ ebbs and flows between melodic and heavy. The chorus is one that you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing aloud, no matter where you are. The final track, ‘Say Something’ continues on a similar path as the previous track. This feel-good anthem concludes the album leaving me on a high note.

Stepson are seemingly the kings of genre-crossing. This release carries quite a lot of emotional weight, which gives us an inside look at how the band operates and feels as individuals. After having to sit on this album for quite some time due to the pandemic, it’s safe to say that this has been a long yet worthwhile wait.

Stepson – Help Me Help You tracklisting:

1. Learning To Let Go
2. Run
3. Deeper Sleep
4. Who Are We?
5. The Entire History Of You
6. I Wish
7. Dilemma
8. Come With Me
9. Hush feat. Zach Britt
10. The Shift, The Blur
11. Say Something

Rating: 8.5/10
Help Me Help You is out Friday via Sharptone Records. Pre Order here
Review by Adam Rice

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