OMFG!!! Beartooth Unleash Surprise Song ‘Devastation’

After teasing us with two new songs from their forthcoming album (‘Fed Up‘ and THIS tasty riff-heavy track), the next era of Beartooth has appeared out of fucking nowhere with the band surprise dropping a new track called ‘Devastation‘ which is tasty as all fuck.

The song kicks off with a heavy riff and frontman Caleb Shomo screaming his way back into our lives again! It’s a ferocious start that takes us up to a cleanly sung chorus that has that iconic Beartooth sound to it. But, that’s not the best part, the drums in this song are next fucking level and if you’ve been craving a new breakdown from the band, well, you better get lubed up because this one slides through your ears with ease, precision and will instantly have you bashing your head against the nearest wall in no time.

If you’re wondering what the sound is like (well, for those of you who have to wait until midnight to hear it), it ventures away from their metalcore sound, but in favour of a hard rock/heavy metal vibe. They’re not losing their edge, but they’re dabbling in a sound that’s a little left of that typical metalcore, but still has plenty of heavy undertones to please even the biggest critic!

BUT, this is the start of album #4 and if you’ve read all of our coverage, you’d know that Caleb is returning to the heavy for this one and I for one cannot fucking wait for what else he has in store for us!

Stream the fuck out of ‘Devastation‘ right here

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