Weightless – Turn The Page (EP Review)

Weightless – Turn The Page
Released: March 13th, 2021


Benjamin Saler // Drums
Riley Keane // Guitar
Brenton Rakebrandt // Guitar
Luke Benicky // Vocals



There I was just going about my day the other week, and a friend sends me a message saying to listen to this song he just found. It was all in capitals, so you know he was serious. Turns out it was a song by this little Sydney band called Weightless and it was incredible, they absolutely blew me away. Then I found out they were releasing their debut EP Turn The Page, and I got really excited. I present this review: my love letter to them.

‘Ascension’ is an atmospheric intro track with guitars that just pluck away at your thoughts and ease you almost accidentally on purpose into ‘Unsighted’. And gosh, it’s a metalcore fan’s wet dream. Strong screams that’ll have people throwing down, and pure cleans that blend seamlessly into the song’s fabric. It’s catchy without falling into the trap of sounding like everything else.

‘Leave This Place’ has a deceptive opening where you think it’s going to be a bit softer, but then out of nowhere it changes pace and we have aggressive screams and a pleading chorus among frantic drums. The spoken word verse bleeds emotion, which is a bold move for a debut EP as it can come on too strong, but I think it works in this song purely because of the way they’ve constructed all the elements. There’s a cool ASMR type breath before some brutal screams – it’s all great. Now, get hyped for ‘Hollow’ because there’s a lot of potential here. I don’t know if I’ve heard a riff as exciting this year, and it’s clear there’s talent here for sure. Can we get a guitar play through, please? And don’t get me started on ‘New Roads’. I love the djent, I love the screams, I love the energy. It’s a whirlwind of a track and it’s a yes from me.

‘Terra Incognita’ is the interlude you need in this brutal assault of an EP. Again, Weightless are showing us they know their way around atmospheric music and how to provide an experience that really takes care of the listener. We close out Turn The Page with ‘Hypnotised’ and they’ve sampled the flick of a lighter and someone’s first drag which, although I don’t condone smoking, I love the sound of. This track is a little more stripped back, with a simple, barely there melody under the screams and drums. It’s short, angry, and a perfect ending.

The more I think about this EP, the more I think it’s quite cleverly constructed because the songs wouldn’t work as well together in any other order. Each is different enough to show another aspect of the band and, best of all, they’ve left me wanting more. This is Weightless’s debut? Get out of here. It’s too good.

Weightless – Turn The Page tracklisting:

  1. Ascension
  2. Unsighted
  3. Leave This Place
  4. Hollow
  5. New Roads
  6. Terra Incognita
  7. Hypnotised

Rating: 9/10
Turn The Page is out now. Buy it here.
Review by Ebony Story

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