Antagonist A.D Reach For The Jugular with ‘The System Is Racist And Oppressive’

Antagonist A.D have returned and this time, they’re directing their anger towards a very important subject that’s going to fire up a lot of people across Australia and New Zealand. ‘The System Is Racist & Oppressive‘ has the band’s signature hardcore sound they do so well, as well as a plethora of facts for their fans to read, watch and learn about the 400+ Aboriginal Deaths in police custody (in Australia) since the 1991 Royal Commission + a look inside New Zealand’s discriminatory incarceration system involving inmates treated differently because of their Māori heritage.

Instead of talking about the song’s instrumentals and screams, let’s focus on the facts they present to us:

  • The Royal Commission found that one First Nations Person died while incarcerated every 11 days.
  • Of all deaths, there have been no criminal convictions made against perpetrators.
  • 99 First Nations people died in custody from 1980 to 1989.
  • 54% of the Youth Detention Population are Indigenous.
  • Māori make up 52% of the prison population, but only 16% of New Zealand’s total population.
  • Māori [indigenous people] are sent to prison more often than Pākehā [white people] for the same crime.
  • Right now, 1 in every 142 Māori New Zealander are in prison. Compared with 1 in every 808 non-Māori.

Still think the system isn’t racist and oppressive? Think again!

On the new song, frontman Sam Crocker explains:

“When writing for these new releases we spent a lot of time talking and philosophising about who we are as a band, what we represent and what we wanted to achieve. A short simple answer became pragmatic – we are a protest band, we have always been that. We have always stood for something and we wanted to express that fervently with our new music, literally scream it from the rooftops. This song is a perfect representation of that. We are an anti-fascist band.”

The band urge fans to please consider donating to:
North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency:
Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT:

All Things EP is out March 26 via Greyscale Records.
Pre-Order here

Antagonist A.D. – All Things EP tracklisting

1. The System Is Racist & Oppressive
Blade Of Truth
3. Holding On
4. Through Fire

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