Intrøspect Unleash New Song ‘The Wisdom of Mountains’

If you enjoy your metal with a little more poise and ambience than the average music fan, then you really can’t go past Sydney prog-metal outfit Intrøspect. The five piece have just unleashed their second single ‘The Wisdom of Mountains’ and after one listen, I felt like a whole new person again.

‘The Wisdom of Mountains’ contrasts the emotions we experience from grief and loss to the spirit and energy we feel from mountain air. Heavily driven by vocalist Felicity Jayne’s mesmerising voice and the band’s delicate progressive melodies, the song transcends the listener on a spiritual journey that is quite unique in the Australian metal community. Drummer Hugo Rumore shares how the song evolved during the recording process:

The recording process for The Wisdom of Mountains with Chris (Blancato) was interesting, because he saw a lot of potential for the song – and we spent a long time workshopping to really define the parts and make sure that the drums were really supporting the song in the best way that they could. We spent a lot of time on small details, which really completes the song, in my opinion!!

Think Evanescence meets The Beautiful Monument. I definitely recommend giving it a go in your new music playlist this week, that’s for sure. If you’re keen for more from the band, Intrøspect are set to unleash their new EP, Midnight Sun on March 19.

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