Void Of Vision Unveil Hyperdaze (Redux) + Drop ‘Splinter’ feat Loathe’s Kadeem France

If you guessed this was coming, then you’re a legend! If not, let me catch you up…

Void of Vision released two reimagined tracks from their 2019 album Hyperdaze recently and it turns out they were both from a re-release version of that stellar record which is set for release on Friday!

Hyperdaze (Redux) sees the band revisiting the album’s 10 songs and giving them an impressive redo featuring some very special guests! So far we’ve seen Thornhill‘s Jacob Charlton and Ecca Vandal pop up, today the boys dropped their reimagined version of ‘Splinter‘ featuring Loathe frontman Kadeem France (listen below) BUT they’ll also have the likes of Jamie Hails (Polaris), Bobak Rafiee (Justice for the Damned), Jon Deiley (Northlane), Ken Koie (Crossfaith), Lucas Woodland (Holding Absence) and Garrett Russell (Silent Planet) on board.

Void of Vision frontman Jack Bergin explained how the special guest collaborators helped to take the songs from their original form and multiply them next level for this surprise release:

“The people I hand picked for each track not only bring their own influence on board, but also build on what was already such an emotionally heavy release. It’s fully shaken the album up and spat it out somehow even more powerful than the original. We are super proud that we could create such a bold and collaborative project and still have it translate as we originally intended it to.”

Jack also revealed the idea stemmed from the band’s scrapped 2020 tour plans and turns out, some of the artists featured on the album, were meant to share a stage with VoV at some point during last year:

“…we looked at the 2020 Void Of Vision touring schedule that never came to be and reached out to a bunch of the names we were supposed to be sharing stages with. Overall we felt free to get creative and branch out and that lead to hitting up some people up outside of our realm (Ecca, Up Late) that could really take a track and flip it on its head.”

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Void Of Vision – Hyperdaze (Redux) tracklisting

1. Year Of The Rat (ft. Jacob Charlton from Thornhill)
2. Babylon (ft. Bobak Rafiee from Justice For The Damned)
3. If Only (ft. Lucas Woodland from Holding Absence)
4. Slave To The Name (ft. Jamie Hails from Polaris)
5. Adrenaline (Jon Deiley Remix)
6. Hole In Me (ft. Ken Koie from Crossfaith)
7. Kerosene Dream (ft. Garrett Russell from Silent Planet)
8. Decay (ft. Ecca Vandal)
9. Splinter (ft. Kadeem France from Loathe)
10. Hyperdaze (Up Late Remix)

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