Hollow Front Team Up with Fit For A King’s Ryan Kirby in ‘Falling Apart’

Upcoming US metalcore outfit Hollow Front have unleashed a new, anime-style video which features their track ‘Falling Apart’. This time though, the band have added a new addition to the song and it’s none other than Fit For A King vocalist Ryan Kirby.

Beginning softly by way of some hauntingly soothing piano keys, ‘Falling Apart’ is a bleak, dark song about the current society that we’re living in today. Picking up momentum with heavy hitting guitars by the time the chorus hits, it’s bound to reel you in with the retrospective lyrics and may have you thinking just how shit humanity is right now. 

Hollow Front vocalist Tyler Tate shares: 

“I think the fabric of humanity is falling apart, ravaged by greed, disease, and an utter lack of empathy for our fellow man. We’re a complicated species, with all the capabilities to create a peaceful and harmonious world, but instead we use our powers to destroy and divide… and while my views of the world may be morose, I don’t have much “faith” in humanity doing the right thing. While I truly hope it happens, I won’t be holding my breath.”

On teaming up with Fit For A King’s Ryan Kirby, who also happens to be the band’s manager, Tate elaborates:

“We’ve been working together for over two years now and without Ryan we definitely wouldn’t be where we are today. Having him hop on ‘Falling Apart’ to guest feature for this re-release of the song was a real treat for us. Everyone in the band have been huge fans of FFAK, and a lot of HF’s original sound came from being inspired by Kirby and his band’s work. It feels like it’s come full circle in a way and we couldn’t be more proud to have someone like Ryan in our corner.”

If you froth bands like Wage War, I Prevail and Fit For A King, Hollow Front might just be your new music discovery this week!

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