The ONLY Recap You Need of Booka Nile’s MAFS Wedding!

Alright, I’m gonna keep this piece on brand/target as humanely possible and keep the focus on Booka Nile and her lucky new husband Brett, who got finally hitched in last night’s episode of Married At First Sight… But let’s not jump to the climax yet!

Firstly, we got our first look into Booka’s reasons for going on the show and, oh man, what a ride. She explained that because she travels the world nine months of the year touring in metalcore band Make Them Suffer (well, she did before COVID), that left her with very little time to form relationships, especially with someone who can understand her gruelling schedule and not get jealous of her touring with 20 or so blokes from other bands, crew etc.

Her last real relationship was 5 years ago and when she returns home from these tours, she has no one special in her life to share these experiences with. It’s at this moment we get a real look at just how lonely she is and why she has put all her eggs in the MAFS basket to try something drastic (like marrying a complete stranger) in the hope she’ll be matched up with the man she’s always been looking for… And sure, when the entire world is paused and you’ve finally got time to give instant marriage a red hot crack, go for it.

What she’s looking for is someone who is an emotionally intelligent, empathetic person, who’s able to champion her in all she does, and someone she can champion back in all they do. Ideally, this is someone who will never stop her from doing what she loved. She’s told friends and family she’s “totally fine” without companionship, but deep down, it’s what she’s really lacking in her life.


Booka reflects on her parent’s marriage and says she wants to find someone who “gets happiness out of making the other person happy”. We catch a glimpse of Booka chatting with her adorable mum Ffion, who just wants her daughter to be happy and offers up some wisdom and melts hearts in the process, saying:

“I would really like you to meet someone because I think it would definitely enhance your life”

Cue the first round of tears.

That explains why our Booka has jumped on the social experiment and if you still think she’s got ulterior motives in play, then this is the wrong place for you.

(Sadly they used a stock standard rock band instrumental instead of the mind-blowing sounds of Make Them Suffer‘s back catalogue… boo mainstream, booooo)

Booka’s Husband Brett

Spoiler Alert: Booka’s surprise husband is Brett.

He’s a sparky and psych student (studying psychology, like Booka) and he’s described as a unique and quirky hipster. My initial reaction was “this bloke is a little obsessed with his moustache”, but turns out that came to his advantage on his wedding day… more on that soon!

His aim in life is to help people, which is why he’s studying psychology and in his spare time, he volunteered at a men’s shelter. He also enjoys smelling pillows, you know, when you have someone stay over and when they leave you can still smell them on your pillows… Yeah… He’s chasing a girl that’s strong, open to having kids, emotionally intelligent and a creative person (like a singer/musician) that could potentially be his team mate.

He also says he wants someone to laugh with and if you’ve been following some of our coverage of Booka’s backstage antics in interviews, you would know she is an absolute cack and a half.

The Wedding

The biggest day of your life (apparently) where everyone looks at you and you look a million bucks and your family is there to see you getting hitched… wait, stop for a second because Booka’s family couldn’t make the wedding due to COVID restrictions and that was devastating in itself! In their place were a bunch of her close (literal) colourful friends who approved of Brett upon the first impression, who rocked up to the wedding in a red, velvet suit with his parents in tow, eagerly anticipating Booka’s arrival.

The limo arrived with Booka inside and it’s at this moment we realise just how intense this situation is… She is marrying a complete stranger! Holy shit. She gets out of the car and heads towards the ceremony where she looks absolutely stunning amongst the country backdrop, arm tattoo on full display and in agreeance that she scored a good guy with a moustache (see, told ya I’d come back to his mo). Instant chemistry is the best words to use to describe their connection. Both calm down and continue on with their wedding.

The pair exchanged vowels, reflecting on how “crazy” this idea was and that they’d be there for each other – just like a real wedding!

Booka’s Vowels:

“Well this is the most extreme blind date I have ever been on. I know that we are strangers to each other right now but it has been a comfort to me to know that at least we have one thing in common, and that is both you and I are both crazy enough to marry a complete stranger.

I placed a lot of value on those who take risks in life and who go against the norm in the pursuit for happiness.

Although I walked down the aisle today knowing nothing else about you, I walked down it without fear… That’s a lie. I walked down terrified. Because I held with me the knowledge that you and I are the same in this way.

Leading up to this day I have spent a lot of time thinking about you. Wondering who you are and what your story is. I want to promise you that I will give to you all of me, and I can’t wait to take your hand and walk towards our future together.”

Upon putting a ring on Brett’s finger, Booka cheekily says “that’s never coming off” and proceeds to ask him “Should we mac?” before planting a big kiss on his furry face! Suss more photos from their wedding day here. Video recap to come soon…

The Reception

At the reception, after forgetting Booka’s name momentarily, Brett’s Dad delivered a teary, heartfelt story about his son and hoped the pair had found their soulmates in each other.

Once again, literal tears.

Booka serenaded her wedding patrons with a performance alongside her two bridesmaids, in a trio act with the NSFM (Not Safe For Mainstream) name Bom Pussy! The song was an acoustic ballad titled ‘Our First Date‘ and was inspired by, yep, you guessed it, their wedding day aka their first date.

If anything at all, mad props need to go to her Instagram post about the song which features a brutal pit call in the caption…

So there you have it. All the hearty and wholesome moments from Booka Nile‘s Wedding Day! We hope that she finally finds the love she’s been longing for and lives her own happily ever after for the duration of the show and beyond!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Booka Gets Married. Photo Credit: Nine

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