Antagonist A.D. Announce All Things EP + Unleash New Belter ‘Through Fire’

Let the news continue…

Our mates across the ditch in Antagonist A.D. have announced a brand new EP on the way! Following on from last year’s Through Fire EP, their forthcoming release All Things is set for release on Friday March 26th via Greyscale Records and to kick off the news, they dropped a new belter titled ‘Through Fire‘ (see a theme going on here) which absolutely rips!

The best part is, this is release two for the band according to frontman Sam Crocker:

“When we put the concept together of the three part EP back at the start of 2019, we were really excited to build a story that grew deeper and strengthened the ethos of Antagonist A.D. with each release… Simply put we wanted to immerse our fans in a deeper world that was unequivocally us. I think we managed to nail that with these releases as it’s the best representation of us we have ever produced. Lyrically and musically we are the same refined version from when we started and that’s something I’m incredibly proud of.”

Much like how The Acacia Strain dropped their Slow Decay album via EPs throughout the year in 2020, this next offering marks the second drop of the three releases from the New Zealand heavyweights.

On the new song, Sam says:

“Lyrically I had no idea how much these lyrics would continue to resonate with me. This song is about hardship. It’s about making mistakes and although you need to learn and grow from them – once you walk through the fire and emerge on the other side you are not unscathed; the memory remains. You just decide on how you choose to deal with that. Are you going to own and learn from your mistakes, progress with lessons learned or are you going to continually loop through the flames and suffer/stumble forever?”

With the EPs spelling out a sentence, so far we have Through Fire All Things… any guesses what the final EP will be titled?

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Antagonist A.D. – Through Fire EP tracklisting

1. The System Is Racist & Oppressive
Blade Of Truth
3. Holding On
4. Through Fire

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