Makeout Are Back With Pop Punk Slow-Jam ‘Wish U Were Here’

When we last heard from Makeout, it was smack back in the middle of COVID and they had just dropped the singleHome‘, their first release with new frontman Kyle Dee. Now, the pop punk boys are back with their latest slow-jam ‘Wish U Were Here‘ which has an almost acoustic sound to it, produced by Matt Holmes and Matt Malpass (blink, fever333, MGK) with Australia’s very own drummer export Scott Eckel’s trap snares throughout.

On the new track, Kyle told Wall of Sound boss man Browny

“This song is different for us as a band. It doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done in the past. It was initially just going to be an acoustic track, but as we decided to add more elements – synths, drums, programming etc, it took on a whole new life.”

And the lyrics hit harder these days, especially with those of us being stuck in isolation alone during COVID

“Lyrically, believe it or not, I was inspired by the song Need You Now by Lady A. We’ve all been there. You’re out at a party or club and everything is fine, you’re having a good time…but then you get home and the buzz wears off..and the loneliness that you’ve been pretending to avoid starts to kick in.”

Speaking of isolation, Scott Eckel was stuck in Australia after organising his international visas to head over to the states prior to the pandemic hitting, meaning he couldn’t get the chance to catch up with his bandmates or his other musical project Five North.

Scott exclusively told Browny:

“2020 was meant to be a great year for us, and myself. We had tours ready, singles ready, for both MAKEOUT and Five North, and we got stripped of everything. Especially being so spread out, and being the only one in Australia. So it’s been tough trying to stay productive with the groups. Not to mention I’ve gone through 2 broken arms and a shoulder dislocation. 2020 was f*cked, 2021 looks f*cked, but we’re gonna make the most of it.”

We hear you mate. Speaking of that injury, Scotty showed commitment to the band by recording the new Makeout single sporting a broken arm!

He truly is the next generation’s Travis BarkerNobody cares, go harder!

Stream ‘With U Were Herehere

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