Brooklane – Roll With the Punches (EP Review)

Brooklane – Roll With the Punches
Released: February 5, 2021


Alex Anderson // Vocals
Damon Gullicks // Bass
Chance Stearns // Guitar
Isaiah Folk // Drums


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If you love your music super infectious and high energy, you really can’t go past upcoming US pop punk outfit Brooklane. Hailing from midwest USA, the band are bouncing into the scene, channelling explosive pop punk anthems about everyday, relatable themes of growing up and dealing with our tough young adult lives.

Their new EP, Roll With the Punches sees Brooklane kicking off strong, with ‘Growing Older’ channelling early Four Year Strong and some hella fun mid 2000s easycore. Think Skyway and — anyone remember City Lights? Or is that just me? Anyways, yeah, it feels like these guys are continuing what City Lights began and left behind in 2013, but I am most definitely here for this.

‘Bite the Bullet’ sees these American newcomers team up with Australian musician/producer Nick Wilkinson (We Set Signals) for a feel-good, hearty anthem about not giving up on your dreams. That catchy melody driving the heart of the song will get stuck in your head for days and you won’t wanna forget it, just like those dreams you had ten years ago.

One of the strongest tracks on the EP, with its themes of mental health taking centre stage is ‘Anxiety’. It perfectly represents the war inside one’s head and the reason why we all turn to our favourite songs when we just can’t anymore. Featuring heavy and loud punk riffs, this one spoke out to me most because it kinda encapsulated everything I feel when I’m in that exhausted, burnt out mindset. What an anthem.

Brooklane simmer it down (but only ever so slightly) with ‘Shipwrecked’, an emotional, end of summer breakup anthem that kinda gives you time to catch your breath here. Channelling pop punk heavyweights Simple Plan and All Time Low with its melancholy yet catchy lyrics, vocalist Alex Anderson pours his heart out here and continues to do so on ‘Time Spent’. Emitting many emotions and styles we heard from Aussie pop punkers Skyway back in the day, Roll With the Punches is alight with lyrics about believing in yourself without letting the self-doubt in your head getting in the way. This one’s an anthem for anyone who feels just that.

While I do enjoy the upbeat, pop punk songs most, the band finally take the chance to slow it down on ‘Here To Stay’. Teaming up with the iconic Jason Lancaster (Go Radio), this one’s another breakup anthem, reminiscent of Mayday Parade, once again proof that Brooklane kinda have the pop punk formula nailed. These boys know what they’re doing, that’s for sure.

Not ones to down the vibe too much, the band are back on their infectious energy with ‘Crazy’. I found this to be the more fun track on the EP, with its ever so boisterous intro launching straight into a song about a psycho ex-girlfriend. Super fun to sing along to, and if live shows were a thing in the States, this one would get everyone up off the floor moshin’.

Roll With the Punches is a record for all pop punk fans new and old, that’s for sure. Tracks like ‘Sucker’ show a strong New Found Glory influence with its high-energy guitars driving this light-hearted, punchy, straight out of the early 2000s anthem. Teamed with tongue in cheek lyrics, I feel like some of the biggest songwriters in the genre would be stoked with this song, and final track ‘Shut Me Out’. A song about resetting the clocks metaphorically with a firey hook mid song, we finally witness the band moving on and ready for whatever life throws at them next.

I can’t recommend this band enough. Brooklane have seemingly nailed what makes pop punk so high energy and enjoyable to listen to, and that’s what counts. Roll With the Punches ties together the best of the 2000s with catchy melodies and big singalong choruses while even attempting to reignite a subgenre that’s been laying low since the mid 2000s. In between all that energy and punchy lyrics, is a band reeling to play with the big boys and girls of the genre — I wouldn’t hesitate to chuck this in your Pop Punk’s Not Dead playlist at all. As we saw with Skyway’s return last year, as well as with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! set for a comeback later this year, easycore is ready to return in 2021 and Brooklane are one of the newer kids on the block leading the charge.

Brooklane – Roll With the Punches EP tracklisting:

1. Growing Older
2. Bite the Bullet
3. Anxiety
4. Ship Wrecked
5. Time Spent
6. Here To Stay (featuring Jason Lancaster)
7. Crazy
8. Sucker
9. Shut Me Out

Rating: 8/10
Roll With the Punches is out tomorrow through We Are Triumphant. Pre-save here
Review By Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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