A Day To Remember Release Balladesque Single ‘Everything We Need’

Right. You sitting down? Good. You might need to for this because A Day To Remember‘s new song ‘Everything We Need‘ is out and upon first listen, it’s a semi-balladesque almost-country song, an angle this band haven’t dared to touch in the 18 years they’ve been together…

It’s definitely another song showing off the band’s variety of sounds on their forthcoming album You’re Welcome and this track serves as the send-off song of the record so maybe we can expect a plethora of new sounds throughout as the band head into unknown territory. I mean, it’s no ‘If This Means A Lot To You‘, but over time, it could grow on me/you more!?!?

Give it a spin and let us know your thoughts! Personally, I can’t get out of my head the similarities between Avril Lavigne‘s anthem Happy Ending‘ and this, but that’s just me. Do you hear it too or am I going weird again?

Pre-order You’re Welcome here

A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome tracklisting

1. Brick Wall
2. Mindreader
3. Bloodsucker
4. Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)
5. F.Y.M
6. High Diving
7. Resentment
8. Looks Like Hell
9. Viva La Mexico
10. Only Money
11. Degenerates
12. Permanent
13. Re-Entry
14. Everything We Need

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