Stand Atlantic – FXCK 2020 (Live Stream Review)

Stand Atlantic
Fxck 2020 Live Stream
December 29, 2020

It’s that weirdly awkward period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve where you have no fucking clue what day or time it is…hang on a minute, isn’t that what this entire year has felt like?! Well, what better way to end the longest year of our lives with a live stream from everyone’s favourite band of the year, Stand Atlantic? It’s not like you have anything else better to do anyway…

The Fxck 2020 live stream kicked off with a stripped back, balladesque version of their hit single, ‘Jurassic Park’ and I don’t know if it was even possible, but frontwoman Bonnie Fraser and guitarist David Potter just breathed new life into this vibrant pop punk anthem. The rest of the band joined the stage for second track ‘Blurry’, which saw them reimagine the song with an electronic poppier beat and a funky saxophone solo halfway through.

The way these guys can reimagine their own songs and instantly still make it cool is a testament to Stand Atlantic’s unrivalled talent in the scene right now. They continued those chill vibes with ‘Skinny Dipping’ before “taking a break” with a casual Q&A session answering fans’ questions which I guess, replaced the all-too-familiar inbetween song banter at a show IRL.

The incredible ballad, ‘Drink To Drown’ continued the live stream and I don’t reckon you can change up this song any further because it’s kinda Stand Atlantic at their peak. That cool, emo-pop ambience from ‘Blurry’ returned with ‘Silk & Satin’ which proves that Stand Atlantic are out to push their own musical boundaries as far and as wide as possible.

In saying that though, it wasn’t all slow jams here. Bonnie picked up her guitar for the second half of the stream and took the energy levels a little higher, beginning with older track, ‘Lost My Cool’. This band are so tight and didn’t let their energy falter once, with ‘Eviligo’ keeping the fun intact. Closing out with the band’s biggest songs, ‘Lavendar Bones’ and ‘Hate Me (Sometimes)’, it’s pretty clear to see that Stand Atlantic sorely missed playing shows throughout the course of 2020, and this is the stream we all needed to see out the year that was.

I haven’t tuned into many live streams this year, but fuck I am so glad I watched this one. While it’s not exactly a live gig, it’s still a “live performance” of music and yeah, it gave me almost all of the same feels I’d get as if I was in a sweaty live music venue. Stand Atlantic are in a league of their own here, and if you want a taste of what their future live shows will be like (fingers crossed for their shows in 2021!), this Fxck 2020 stream needs to be experienced by everyone.

Luckily it’s still available for your viewing pleasure over the next six months (when most of the world will still be in lockdown), so what are y’all waiting for? Watch it below as many times as you freakin’ want!

Live Stream Review by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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