ICYMI: Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy Gave Backstreet Boys a Deathcore Spin

fit for an autopsy backstreet boys

Sooooooo it’s either because we’re desperately needing some fun in our lives after the year from hell OR this teaser wasn’t enough to fulfill our needs, but there has been a massive call for Fit For An Autopsy and to release a full deathcore cover of Backstreet Boys‘ ‘I Want It That Way‘ following the resurgence of frontman Joe Badolato‘s viral video where he belts out a massive guttural scream during the chorus whilst performing the song during a karaoke session.

Joe shared the video on TikTok (because that’s taking over the world now) and, once again, it’s got the metal community keen as hell for the band to release a full version of the song, and we’re all for it too.

After releasing their new album The Sea of Tragic Beasts back in October 2019, they haven’t been able to hit the road touring it as much as they’d have liked this year, so in the downtime, could they bash out a gift for fans while we wait for touring to return?

It surely wouldn’t be a bad idea, if you’re up for it too, make sure you let the band know via Twitter and Instagram!

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