Wall of Sound presents: “2020 YEAR IN REVIEW” – by Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club’s ‘Piky’

Yep we’re still going and we’re stoked to bring you one of the head honchos from the Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club, Piky! A group formed on Facebook to talk shit about vinyl and variant collecting which later released their own vinyl drop for a couple of local bands (in both Australia and NZ) with plenty more plans to expand in 2021.

Piky is a mad keen heavy music supporter (+ doting Dad) and we couldn’t go past getting his thoughts on the best of the year so please take a read of his Year In Review….


10. Drastic Park x Amanaki – Split
I’d be lying if I didn’t include it. It was amazing.
9. Justice for the Damned – Pain is Power
8. Vilify – Clarity EP
7. Some Heard Trouble – Scorpion
6. Slowly Slowly – Race Car Blues

5. Private Function – Who’s Line is it Anyway?
4. NOFX x Frank Turner – West Coast vs Wessex
3. Run the Jewels – RTJ4
2. Make Them Suffer – How to Survive a Funeral
1. Spanish Love Songs – Brave Faces Everyone

TOP 10 SONGS OF 2020

10. No Pressure – No Pressure
9. Closure – ‘Sleep Sound’
8. The Amity Affliction – ‘Soak Me In Bleach’
7. Slowly Slowly – ‘Race Car Blues’
6. Private Function – ‘Albury Wodonga’

5. Run the Jewels ft Zack De La Rocha & Pharrell – ‘JU$T’
4. Make Them Suffer – ‘Erase Me’
3. Vilify – ‘Habit’
2. Briggs – ‘Go To War’
1. Spanish Love Songs – ‘Routine Pain’

The first time I heard this song I was in an absolute pit. @DeafChris sent me a link to the album and I was just floored by the pure and honest emotion that this song puts out. It actually made me feel shit but it also sorted me out for that moment. The whole album is so deep, its just gut wrenching in parts. I love it. I related to it way too hard and its an album I’m just going to keep revisiting when I’m in that spot. It was never supposed to be my #1 in a year of some huge metal/core drops but it got me at the right time and its my 2020 top song and album


For an absolute good time, its got to be Private Function – ‘Albury Wodonga‘. Driving up the Hume and having a ball while taking the piss. There were stacks of really well made clips and some very serious core vibes, but this film clip is just fun. I dig it. It goes very well with the album and the vibe they put out…. It was an instant classic and when teamed up with their “Bags vinyl”, it’s unbeatable haha


Tool at Rod Lava. They are the absolute kings of performance and the visuals were just out of this world. Its not the first time I have be able to catch them over the years but it was definitely one of the better ones. The song choices, the stage set up, the new album after way too long….it was amazing.

Another a little out of the scene was Meg Mac at the Melbourne ZOO. If you ever get a chance to catch a gig at the Zoo I would encourage you to head along. Beers on the grass in a very relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere, it was an epic experience. Meg Mac was awesome and it was the same week as TOOL I think.


2020 has been a massive year for me. Jacob and I launched the Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club in late January and we have been on a whirlwind trip since. Its success has come from engaging with so many cool people who just love vinyl without the bravado or gatekeeper vibe that lots of people experience. We have met some absolutely amazing people along the way and I’ve learnt so much about interacting with a vast array of personalities. Its been epic to step behind the scene that I’ve been involved with purely as a fan in the past and had a sneak peek of how it all works.

I’m also a dad to the best Kid in the whole world so learning new dad skills and trying my darn hardest to get the worst jokes in my repertoire has been fun.


Vilify. Easy. Habit came out of nowhere. I was sitting at work on break and it came up on the feed and I was instantly hooked. I messaged a couple of group chats and made them all listen to it. I would have listened to it 100 times in the first 2 days. Releasing the EP early December was a massive late year drop and they absolutely nailed it. That’s a band that is going to destroy a UNIFY Thursday Night Tent or a support slot for the monster metalcore bands that we are lucky to call ours.

Honourable mentions to Some Heard Trouble and Drastic Park


We have the most vibrant and killer scene in the world don’t we? It’s been so good listening to so many unsigned bands as we get the AVVC split series off the ground. I feel like I’ve listened to more unsigned bands this year than any other time in my life. Next big band? Too many!!!! Inertia, Closure, Drastic Park, Some Heard Trouble, Dweller, In Vanity and so many more…..


Giving all my family and friends a big ol’ hug and making sure I don’t take interactions for granted. Getting out to gigs and support our local scene and venues is going to be important next year for all music lovers.

Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club is lining up lots of new vinyl releases and AVVC splits and we just want to smash those. Vinyl is a huge part of our lives and the music we want to put out through AVVC is something we are so passionate about. We love the support we have been given so far and 2021 is going to be the year to crush it.

Words by Piky. Insta: @piky0032

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