10 Songs That Have Shaped Terra’s Sound

Melbourne pop rockers Terra returned this month with their brand new single ‘Frenemies’, an anthem about keeping your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Featuring catchy rock melodies reminiscent of Aussie pop punk icons, Tonight Alive, this latest tune from Terra marks the beginning of the next chapter for this young five piece.

To celebrate this exciting new chapter for the band, we caught up with Terra about some of their favourite songs that have helped them in making killer songs like ‘Frenemies’.

Cassie Sutton (vocals):

Halestorm – ‘Mz Hyde’

Halestorm have always been a huge influence for me, particularly Lizzy being a woman in heavy music. This song is a perfect example of something I love, taking a theme and running with it; in this case it’s having a darker side and it shines in every aspect of this song. Lizzy Hale will always be one of the greatest vocalists in my opinion and her ability to switch between crystal clear clean vocals and classic rock rasp inspires me to get out of my comfort zone vocally.

All Time Low – ‘Vegas’

All Time Low are the professionals at feel good pop punk and this song sums that up to me. One thing always stands out to me in this song: the lyrics. All Time Low have this way of using metaphors that can really make you think, but you don’t have to look too deeply to understand exactly what they’re trying to say. I’ve always found it impressive to be able to write for both the poets and the people just looking to listen to a great song.

Joey Knight (rhythm guitar):

Escape The Fate – ‘The Guillotine’

This track showed me I could combine all of the music that I loved into one song, the heavy verse, epic sing along chorus, and a ripping guitar solo were all things I thought I had to keep separate from each other when trying to write as a kid. All of this paired with the power and passion in Ronnie’s vocals definitely shaped who I am as a writer and performer today.

My Chemical Romance – ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’

The first time I heard MCR when I was maybe 12 years old was like getting struck by lighting. The emotion in Gerard Way’s voice and the guitars being just as catchy, if not more than the vocals, completely captivated me as a kid just beginning to play music. The whole album (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge) shaped the way I played drums and eventually guitar, and I still look to it as a benchmark for everything I write today.

Sean Morris
(lead guitar):

Sum 41 – ‘The Hell Song’

This was the track that started it all for me. The crazy video, awesome intro and rad guitar solo—this was my vibe (well, at 14 anyway). I remember practicing the solo relentlessly, until one day, I just got it. It was a feeling of completion, being proud, whilst also having a thirst to pick up the guitar and do it all again with another song.

Paramore – ‘Ignorance’

This song was huge for me. At the time, I had been neck deep in the metal scene. This track, with the melodic chord voicings, clean production, pop hooks, and unapologetically raw vocals, drew me in instantaneously. Ever since Brand New Eyes, I have been inspired to write songs that share this same mantra.

Darcy Leadoux

Deadlights – ‘Everything All at Once’

This song has love and detail put into every section. The balance of simplicity and complexity throughout different sections, the variation in aural textures and energy levels are all skills I aspire to use as effectively as Deadlights.

Movements – ‘Under The Gun’

This track embodies all the things I love about powerful rhythms. The way the bassist of Movements has this ability to drive the songs is always impressive to me, and is a technique that is at the forefront of the way bass is written for Terra. The heartfelt angst and emotion in the song is hard to ignore and is another technique this band aims to portray.

Darcy Handley

The Story So Far – ‘High Regard’

This track just sold me on the Gibson SG/Tube Screamer/JCM800 combo, I think every part of this track nails the “new pop punk” sound or whatever. The drums, the guitars, the vocals, the lyrics EVERYTHING just goes for it. The Story So Far definitely is a heavy influence for me in Terra.

Angels and Airwaves – ‘Letters to God Part 2’

This song kind of kickstarted the 16 year old me out of bed one night, like it was finally the last straw and I decided I was going to be a musician after that. I don’t think my life has been the same since that moment, and it’s definitely because of that opening riff, drenched in delay and reverb that did it for me. Tom Delonge is king.

Playlist curated by Terra (@terrabandaus)

Terra’s new single ‘Frenemies’ is out now.

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