CXRRXSIXN – Mark xf the Beast (EP Review)

CXRRXSIXN – Mark xf the Beast
Released: December 17th, 2020


Julian Webb 
Rohan Budd



Seemingly coming from the depths of lockdown CXRRXSIXN are expected to turn heads and leave listeners’ jaws on the floor once their debut EP hits listeners’ ears. Their music is as unique as their name, with strong messages of mental health, this two-piece makes a strong appearance into the heavy music community.

The EP kicks off with ‘Casket Dancer’, the introduction consists of two individuals with strong Australian accents talking about drinking. An alluring guitar riff and drum beat then flow together to create a sound which keeps me on the edge of my seat, anticipatingly waiting to see what comes next. Instrumentally, the song doesn’t fluctuate much, though I feel it doesn’t need to. In this case, the saying ‘less is more’ applies. The constant changes between unclean vocals, clean vocals and spoken word are flawless and leaves a powerful impression on me.

The next track, ‘Untethered’ picks up the pace and shows the bands true metalcore colours. Lyrics such as “I’m a fucking piece of shit, you should fucking kick my ass” add incredible amounts of depth to the tracks meaning. The track concludes with an impressively dynamic breakdown before a male voice talks about humanities growing dependence on technology and questions whether we are all doomed.

Finishing off the EP is ‘Contagion’. The impressive drumming in this piece seems to be the songs greatest strength as it compliments the vocals high pitched screams tremendously. This song wraps up the EP with the records hardest-hitting breakdown.

This band sets a new standard for two-piece groups; their ability to cross genres while maintaining a strong listenability is second to none. Mark xf the Beast is a cathartic release, it is every that every part of this EP has come from the darkest parts of the duo’s souls. Have I just discovered one of my newest favourite acts? Absolutely!

CXRRXSIXN – Mark xf the Beast tracklisting:

  1. Casket Dancer
  2. Untethered
  3. Contagion

Rating: 8.5/10
Mark xf the Beast EP is out this Friday.
Review by Adam Rice

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