Waxflower’s Top 8 Artist Collabs

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t yet jumped on Brisbane pop punk outfit Waxflower, you need to wake up already. The band have been building up incredible momentum the past year with their infectious pop punk anthems, and it’s ever so reminiscent of the early 2000s yesteryear.

The guys recently unleashed their latest single, ‘Again’ which features Eat Your Heart Out vocalist Caitlin Henry and marks the beginning of the next chapter for Waxflower brilliantly. The band are finally coming out of their shells and into their own here. So naturally in the spirit of the new song, we got drummer Dan Seymour to round off his fave song collabs of the last 10-15 years. I mean, who doesn’t love a good collab?! Take it away, Dan…

#8 Lil Peep – Walk Away As The Door Slams (Acoustic) ft. Lil Tracy

I know I’m going to cop it from the rest of the band for this one, but I don’t care! This song is so catchy, and I’ve got a huge soft spot for Lil Peep after watching his documentary. Lil Tracy adds a cheeky verse to this one to really make it a fun song to spin.

#7 Transit – All Your Heart featuring Patrick Stump

Transit are one of my favourite bands of all time. I spent most bus rides to school with my headphones on, spinning the couple of records they had out. 

Having Patrick Stump’s silky-smooth voice on this one just takes it to another level, complementing the incredible hooks Transit were able to write.

#6 All Time Low – Remembering Sunday featuring Juliet Simms

Another song that sixteen-year-old me couldn’t get enough of. Juliet sung in a band called Automatic Loveletter and surely getting a feature on an All Time Low track would’ve been a big win for them! 

I’ve never been that inclined to learn guitar, but this song had me dusting off an old one we had lying around and learning four chords just to be able to play it. 

#5 Nothing, nowhere – Blood ft. KennyHoopla & JUDGE

I actually wasn’t a huge fan of this song at first, but caught nothing, nowhere’s live playthrough of this track with Kenny and since then it’s really grown on me. Nothing, nowhere is doing some very cool stuff and Kenny has the voice of an angel, making this a great feature.

#4 Machine Gun Kelly – I Think I’m OKAY featuring Yungblud & Travis Barker

This is definitely a new one and almost the beginning of what people are calling the “emo revolution” (I suppose referencing the increased popularity of emo themes and motifs in “mainstream” music. I really liked Yungblud’s early stuff and was super into MGK’s transition into guitar music. A cool one for sure.

#3 The Wonder Years – All My Friends Are In Bar Bands featuring Matty Arsenault, Dave Mackinder, Shane Henderson, Jamie Rhoden & Nik Buzzese

I spent my mid-late teens scrolling through Tumblr with my headphones on, trying to consume anything and everything of pop-punk/emo tumblr-core and this song must surely define that whole time period & genre. 

Featuring the singers of A Loss For Words, Fireworks, Title Fight, Man Overboard & Valencia all on the one track, I couldn’t believe there was a song that encompassed everything I was obsessed with.

#2 Like Pacific – Hands Tied ft. Andrew Neufeld

I’ve been lucky enough to tour with Like Pacific and they still rate as one of my favourite bands. I know they’re huge fans of heavier music, so it’s very cool to hear Andrew Neufeld of fellow Canadian band Comeback Kid going in hard on this one. They mentioned this song missed the cut for the record, so is technically a B-Side, but I honestly think it stands alone as an amazing single.

#1 Set Your Goals – The Few That Remain ft. Hayley Williams

I remember hearing this for the first time and having my mind blown on Hayley’s verse here. It’s so sick, so memorable and suits Set Your Goals so well. The intro is a little cheesy but again I think it plays into the song perfectly.

Songs curated by Waxflower

Waxflower’s new single ‘Again’ featuring Caitlin Henry is out now. Listen here

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