Spiritbox Return with Balladesque Melodic Jam ‘Constance’

When we last spoke to Spiritbox frontwoman Courtney LaPlante, she mentioned to us the band were working on their debut album and that they were going to try some different styles with it:

“Our debut full-length allows for space for is to explore and keep a foot (or at least a few toes) firmly planted in prog, so we really feel like there are no limits as to what can be considered a “Spiritbox song”

And evidence of this can be heard in their latest track ‘Constance‘ which slows things right down compared to their previous release ‘Holy Roller‘ and replaces breakdowns for a balladesque melodic jam which slowly but surely builds up towards the end (so their toes are still dipped in heavy music world), but they’re showcasing a new side of them they haven’t honed in on yet, that melodic prog angle which is just so beautiful to listen to.

If you’ve come here looking for another heavy banger, you’re gonna have a bad time! But if you’re keen to see how this band are trying new sounds, whilst still maintaining their Spiritbox sound, then lap it up below!

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