Ocean Grove Drop New Single ‘Dream’

Like many bands, Ocean Grove have been laying low for much of 2020. However, we haven’t forgotten that they did release quite the album back before the world turned to shambles. Flip Phone Fantasy (our review here) was an exemplary record that diverged into a range of musical styles and ideologies and I still can’t stop listening to the bass-thumping sonics of ‘Ask For The Anthem’ and ‘JUNKIE$’ to this day.

The band have unveiled new track ‘DREAM’ (it was initially the secret track on the album’s vinyl release), however the track acts as a positive mental attitude anthem that is very much needed during this time.  An empowering track that sounds wholesome to listen to and helps keep your mind at ease, vocalist Dale Tanner shares:

“Ultimately it hopes to inspire listeners to stop paying attention to the naysayers and the constant reminders that we’re not good enough and instead to chase those crazy life goals to no end. This song is OG running to the rooftops and shouting loud and clear that time is our greatest commodity and we shouldn’t waste a bloody second of it.”

Oh yeah—and they’ve also unleashed a remix to their hit track ‘SUNNY’, just in time for summer and all that interstate travel (between QLD, NSW and VIC) we’re all planning to do the next few months!

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