‘Life’s A Bit’ Surreal for NOAHFINNCE As He Joins The Hopeless Records Fam

UK online sensation NOAHFINNCE has dropped his first single ‘Life’s a Bit’ to celebrate his new signing to Hopeless Records. The song sounds almost like it’s a soundtrack straight outta your fave early 2000’s film, it’s super chaotic but also packs a tonne of fun into two-and-a-half minutes.

It’s also worth noting that Noah is going to be a hot act to watch over the next year, as he uses his social media status and platform to stand up for LGBTI community members everywhere. He’s a binary trans male, still finding his place in the world, while also helping others out with their sexuality discovery. We are loving what he stands for, and his exuberant personality is just so infectious and real. The music industry needs more personas like Noah’s!

Oh—and did we mention he’s a huge Neck Deep fan? He must be super stoked to be label mates with his idols. Keen to see how far this kid goes next year, that’s for sure…

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