Wishful Thinking – One More Time (EP Review)

Wishful Thinking – One More Time EP
Released: November 13, 2020


Carl Jackson // Vocals & Guitar
Lachlan Jackson // Guitar
Leigh Thompson // Drums
Alistair Elkins // Bass


Many of us have particular songs that will always remind us of a video game we’ve played in the past and no matter how many times we hear it; we will forever be taken back to that time. For me, it’s impossible to not think of Need for Speed when I hear ‘And The Hero Will Drown’ by Story of the Year or just good old ‘Get Low’ by Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz.

Then, there’s times where we hear a song and think ‘shit, this belongs on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack’. When you listen to Tasmanian born band Wishful Thinking, it’s one of those times. After breaking up in 2006 and reuniting in 2019, the four boys are back and ready to kick up the dirt and cause a bigger raucous than ever before through the release of their brand new EP, One More Time.

After a 13-year break, the EP wastes no further time jumping straight into it through fast and punchy title track ‘One More Time’. It initially reminded me of Dune Rats, through catchy lyrics and a distinctive Australian accent. Even despite it’s raw and rough edges, it still feels clean, polished and executed extremely well. It’s perfectly positioned as the first track on the EP, leaving the listener feeling amped and intrigued for what’s to come.

I Get Lonely’ is a high energy, fast paced tune that deserves nothing short of the main stage at Splendour in The Grass. And look, as annoying as it is to have the dude standing next to you in the mosh spill beer on you every 5 seconds because he’s finally hearing his favourite song live and is extremely excited (and drunk), I would happily take it right now. This song makes me crave a summer festival so god damn badly, everyone hugging their friends, swaying and singing the lyrics ‘yeah I get lonelyyyyyyy’ in a drunken haze. Punky guitar, thrash-happy drums and gang vocals chanting ‘ba bada’, bounce their way around so delightfully, making it difficult to not feel happier after listening to it.

Next up is ‘The Wrong Team’ and as I first listened to the infectious guitar melody, I realised I had definitely heard this song on Triple J before. With a sneaky feature from Stevo from Area-7, we already knew it was going to be one big punk jam sandwich. It’s grungier than any of the tracks before it and the chorus will without a doubt get stuck in your head (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Just when you think you’ve already hit the highest gear, ‘Time to Be Alone’ hits the accelerator and launches that beer right out of your hand. It’s the definition of skater-esque, with blast beats that ricochet their way around the track and destroy everything in their path. And about as quickly as it came it’s gone again, so be prepared to play it a couple more (hundred) times because I guarantee once won’t be enough.

Stepping back into a more polished pop punk shaped box, ‘What the Hell Am I Gonna Do’ showcases Carl’s best vocals on the EP. Creating a heavier atmosphere sonically in contrast to the previous tracks, it also carries a weighty message as Carl explained, ‘it’s about wrestling with your demons and trying to make sense of life in a new way, and how scary that can be at times.’ It’s still got plenty of cheerful punky guitar riffs for you to sink your teeth into. I mean, what is pop-punk without happy songs about sad things?

The EP wraps up with an acoustic version of ‘Time to Be Alone’. The band experiments further through guest vocals from Courtney Elkins and as the song fades out, we are met with these electronic vocal samples and soft drum and bass. As beautiful and exploratory as this track is, I am not sure this version was needed and just feels a little out of place amongst the other songs on the EP. The other tracks cohesively work so well together that this one just fell flat for me. I will say that it has left me extremely excited to see what Wishful Thinking come up with next, they are clearly ready to push boundaries and make up for any lost time.

If Skater punk-rock wasn’t an actual genre, One More Time has undoubtedly changed that. It’s an all round absolute blast and I base that partly on the fact that it makes me want to bounce around the room with a huge grin on my face – the best form of measurement when it comes to a pop-punk album! 

Wishful Thinking – One More Time tracklisting

  1. One More Time
  2. I Get Lonely
  3. The Wrong Team
  4. Time to Be Alone
  5. What the Hell Am I Gonna Do
  6. Time to Be Alone (Acoustic)

Rating: 6.5/10
One More Time is out now. Purchase here
Review By – Rhiannon Porter @rrhiannonporter