Polaris Bashed Out ‘Black Fingernails, Red Wine’ and ‘Vagabond’ for Like A Version

Normally we’d ignore a big company like Triple J – mainly because of the lack of heavy music in their J Awards ‘Album of the Year’ list (but that’s none of my business…) – however, when it comes to Polaris, we’re going to report on anything they do, including Like A Version which FINALLY saw the boys playing their FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC track ‘Vagabond‘ live for the first time since February when COVID came along and fucked shit up, BUT, they also tried their hand at a cover and goddamn it was good.

For their first appearance (and to kick off Aus Music Month) the lads covered Eskimo Joe‘s classssic ‘Black Fingernails, Red Wine‘ as opposed to something heavy (which they thought fans would expect) HOWEVER they fucking gave it a heavy as fuck spin with frontman Jamie Hails pulling off some black metal vibes as it kicked off before showing us his gutturals and screams for the chorus! Jake Steinhauser chimed in with his clean vocals, giving the song an alt-rock edge, but at the end of the day the band’s all-in assault took this from a commercial radio belter to a heavy as fuck anthem we hope they’ll play at any future live shows! A sick guitar solo and breakdown made it extra special.

Give the song a listen below and keep your fingers crossed a very special 7″ vinyl of their performance is released in future…

UPDATE: Fans may notice shredmaster Ryan Siew is missing from the performance. Dan explained this on YouTube, revealing:

“Huge thanks to our good friend Plini who came to the rescue when Ryan sadly came down with the flu a couple of days before this session and was unable to perform with us. Plini smashed it out of the park at incredibly short notice and we’re so grateful to him for helping us out. Thanks for having us Triple J!!”

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