Working In Retail Playing Christmas Songs? Dare You To Slip This Mashup In!

mariah carey metallica mashup

Christmas. Some love it. Some HATE it. Some of us are also unluckyyyy and have to work in retail blasting carols and songs all day long from early November (yes, that’s right now) through until Christmas Eve. That’s 50 days of mind-numbing “joy” only the strongest of humans can endure…

But, we have a challenge for you! Obviously, you may have heard of the YouTube fascination where someone mashes up two completely different songs together and 9 times out fo 10 they just work! Well the latest one we came across is Metallica‘s For Whom The Bell Tolls But It’s All I Want For Christmas Is You By Mariah Carey and, well, it’s shit but not as shit as Mariah’s original.

So now comes the fun part, if you can sneak this into your playlist at work and send us a video, we’ll go through Browny‘s sack and find a prize pack for you because goddamn this needs to be heard by the masses and we need to see if anyone picks up on it!

Send the videos to our social media pages (just follow/stalk @WallOfSoundAU) and if we get some goodies, we’ll add them to a rolling coverage piece and shout out to whoever sent it in, then announce a winner at the end of it all. If no one enters, well, at least you’ll keep your jobs!

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