Jack R. Reilly – Middle Everything (Album Review)

 Jack R. Reilly – Middle Everything
Released: October 6th, 2020


Triple J Unearthed

Middle Everything is the debut album from Sydney singer-songwriter, Jack R. Reilly. Produced by long-time collaborator Jonno Tooke from Cry Club, Middle Everything showcases Jack R. Reilly’s stunning vocals and songwriting across a myriad of reflective songs.

Opening track ‘Shaking For Now’ is a slow paced burner that builds to some beautiful choruses, while ‘Who Can Say?’ is bursting with clarity as Reilly’s confident voice shines through against the instrumentals. The album is peppered with gorgeous melodies throughout. Lead single ‘Blood’ stands out as an upbeat track instrumentally, even though its lyrical content is a bit darker, while ‘Old Guard’ is a much more sombre moment midway through the album. You can just imagine the singalong the lucky crowd will have with Reilly during this song at his album launch show at Sydney’s Vanguard on November 10th (if you can get in, it’s sold out gang!)

While Middle Everything is a sombre record, it isn’t an album without energised moments, with ‘Into The Fire’ standing out as it edges the album towards its finale. Closing track ‘Newland Street’ is a real highlight of the record; a musical sunset for a stunning debut album.

The strength of Middle Everything lies in Reilly’s ability to balance emotional lyrical content against reflective instrumentals. Each instrument feels and sounds as though it has a purpose throughout the album, as Reilly creates and maintains a genuine connection with the listener as he bares his soul through his vocals. Middle Everything is an impressive debut album from Jack R. Reilly; one that I believe is a genuine highlight amongst the year that has been 2020.

Jack R. Reilly – Middle Everything tracklisting

  1. Shaking For Now
  2. Who Can Say
  3. I Don’t Like To See Us Like This
  4. Blood
  5. Old Guard
  6. Where You Find Yourself
  7. Title Dictates Behaviour
  8. Into The Fire
  9. Some Days
  10. Newland Street

Rating: 7/10
Middle Everything is out now via Lost Boy Records. Buy/stream here
Review By – Luke Sutton

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