Confession Drop Brutal Pandemic Anthem ‘Twenty Twenty’

With COVID slowing down the entire music world, it’s even some musicians the chance to get back into the swing of things and make some more music for us all to froth over and a team up we didn’t see coming was Confession frontman Michael Crafter teaming up with OG member Dan Brown for a brand new song based around the pandemic-filled 2020!

It’s heavy as fuck and will definitely please Confession‘s long term fans for sure, as well as offer us a new song to remember this shit year by. We grabbed Crafter for a chat about the track, his year and bribing his daughter to appear in the video…

Crafter, you’re back with a new song for Confession which features Dan Brown of Amity! How’d you manage to get this happening with both of you in different parts of the country?

Dan and I started Confession together about 12 years ago with a computer and recording music at home. This process was kinda no different. He wanted to work on some heavier stuff but work on more the producing / engineering side of things too. Not only was this a turn back the clock for both of us working on music, but It’s also Dan working towards his future. The Dude is legit one of the best songwriters and producers out there hands down. I’d be stoked to see him working on more producing/engineering stuff for other bands. He’s a fucking genius.

The song is called ‘Twenty Twenty’, obviously inspired by the shit year that we’ve been enduring?

In January when Amity were here (in Perth) we kinda talked about it and then we went into lockdown. So it was making some good of a bad situation. I wrote most of these lyrics regarding cancer, fear of death and how the world is getting more and more sick.

Then the pandemic hits so I rewrote some lines and made it fit the current climate.

Crafter COVID Cults look Fun!

And you’ve even made us feel old with your daughter Kennedy featuring in the video too! Tell us about the idea behind this and how it all came to be

She was with me the entire lockdown and to be honest she was as bored as I was. So I told her I’d take her the toy shop and buy her a toy if she did it. I actually had to bribe my child to work with me. Guess her royalty percentage is paid upfront?

She’s good at hustling it seems haha COVID fucked a lot of people in the music industry but also the tattoo industry as well, and you’ve got a couple of shops over in WA, how have you handled the year that’s been?

WA handled this better than most other states, if not the best. We closed for 2 months but since reopening it’s been crazy. It’s good to be busy, but also good to see a new spirit within (I guess) me and the workers and I’m just glad to be back working. The entire lockdown I worked on music and my new business ventures for the rest of the year. I embraced the time off and didn’t waste it.

You also had to delay those shows in NSW too, they’re obviously still on for next year when things slightly return to normal hey?

Yeah just keep waiting it out like everyone else. It’ll be a roll of the dice to see how things will work out from here on in. I don’t think tours are going to just start happening all of a sudden. Bands are announcing stuff and I honestly don’t think even next year much will be happening. But who knows? Did I see a pandemic happening this year? Fuck no, I was meant to be in New Zealand snowboarding hahahahaha

Is this the start of new music for Confession or just a pure boredom thing to pass the time?

It’s all about time and the vibe. I don’t need music in the business sense like I did in the past. If more happens it happens. It’s all gotta be organic now. Being a dad and business owner is my main focus obviously, but if something else happens down the track then it’ll happen.

Anything else we should keep an eye out for in future?

Keep an eye out for each other. Check on ya mates. We all need to be better people and treat each other with more respect. Being nice to each other goes a long way. So check on ya family and friends in this time. Stay safe people

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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