We Set Signals – Gig Review, 17 October @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD

We Set Signals
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
Saturday 17 October 2020
Support: Beth Lucas

With COVID safe shows almost becoming the norm now, it feels as though Queensland is as close to normal as we can get. I was super stoked to finally check out Brissy pop punk/post hardcore outfit We Set Signals live this weekend, having been in awe of their music all year.

I arrived at the Woolly Mammoth stage just as acoustic artist Beth Lucas hit the stage, and the current mood in the room was brimming of mere excitement just to be standing (er, sitting) in a live music venue again. The last time I was in this very room was during a sweaty moshpit courtesy of Columbus, so it felt super weird to be here with all the social distancing measures in place. Beth Lucas set the scene as her laidback, acoustic session lit up the socially distanced gig perfectly.

You might be thinking right now if we’re destined for a night full of acoustic songs, but that wasn’t the case. We Set Signals tore up the stage in a full band setting and oh boy, was it a treat. Beginning with an ever so dramatic intro the band staged the scene for what could only be a visual aid for that whole “end of the world” album concept. Kicking off with Ordo’s opening track ‘Give Me A Sign’, the Revelations of Ordo had begun.

The biggest challenge of the evening by far, was staying seated. I mean, have you listened to We Set Signals? These boys are on the heavier side of music, and there definitely was a small crowd getting antsy about the “no standing” rule. While security tried their absolute hardest to control the crowd, there was definitely the smallest of moshpits brewing by the end of the show. From the pop punk-driven anthem, ‘Meet Me at Starlight Drive-In’ to the album’s leading song, ‘Where Were You’, the band were on fire. With frontman Nick Wilkinson owning it on vocals, We Set Signals put on a hella awesome show that kinda puts them next level in the live music game.

Getting amongst live music again was the best feeling, and I’m pretty stoked that We Set Signals was my first post-iso heavy show. Ordo is a fantastic record for any metalcore borderline pop punk fan, and is made extra special to experience live. We Set Signals more than deserve that BigSound 2020 feature, and I’d even be stoked to see them jump in as support for some of Australia’s prominent metalcore acts the day that touring returns (Polaris, In Hearts Wake you listening?).

Gig Review By Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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