Atreyu Reveal New Single ‘Save Us’

Atreyu have wasted no time in keeping the motions going since parting ways with frontman Alex Varkatzas earlier this month. The now four-piece have just dropped the first taste of the next chapter for the early 2000s metalcore group, which sees drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller stepping up as lead vocalist.

The band’s newest single ‘Save Us’ is a heaaavy track full of melodic cleans and screams intertwining together with hefty breakdowns and riffs galore. If you listen closely to the lyrics, it sounds super relevant for the current political climate in the world today: “The whole damn world is ending / But they’re pretending / That everything is going to be alright.”

It’ll definitely be an interesting live show when touring returns to see how Saller plays out his new position as drummer/vocalist. I’m intrigued!

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