PREMIERE: Some Heard Trouble Test Their Limits On New Single ‘Scorpion’

Upcoming Melbourne hardcore four-piece Some Heard Trouble are set to shake up the local scene with their forthcoming debut EP, Scorpion, which is out tomorrow (our review here). To get you amped for the day first though, the boys gave us a sneak peek of the title track and oh boy, it packs a punch! From Spanish guitars to saxophones and a surprise female guest, to all that melodic heaviness in between—it sounds like an amplified version of our WoS faves, I Prevail and Void of Vision.

We are absolutely digging what they’ve got to offer with ‘Scorpion’, from the intricately laden guitar parts to the heavy and clean vocals woven throughout. We kinda wonder if they’ve got any other surprises up their sleeves. As it turns out, they do. We caught up with the band’s heavy vocalist Cameron Brown to get up to speed on how the band came about, on their diverse musical styles and how they came together to achieve the intriguing sound on ‘Scorpion’. Oh—and we also asked him about his newfound skill during Melbourne’s isolation period…

Hey Cameron! First up, tell us how you guys formed?

We’ve known each other for forever. We all used to play in a band back in 2014. Which went pretty well for a while. Jarrod moved overseas to the UK for a year or two, and we kept sending song ideas back and forth, not thinking that anything was going to come of it. Brodie and I then recorded three songs with Chris from Bellehaven. Jarrad then ended up coming back to Australia, and we kinda just kept going from there.

How would you describe your band’s sound in a sentence?

We all grew up listening to bands in the hardcore scene. But as we got older, we didn’t really want to be boxed in. We all listen to so much different stuff, so we’re just kinda pushing our limits. If we wanna do something that’s a little bit different, we’re able to do that without having too many boundaries. 

You’ve got some interesting musical styles being displayed right throughout your new song ‘Scorpion’. Like, it’s got you guys playing hardcore alongside some Spanish guitar and a saxophone. What’s the song about?

We had a Spanish guitarist play, and then on the end there’s a saxophone as well. We don’t like to say no to any new ideas. If we’re in the studio and someone said like, “we should put a saxophone on the end. Yeah, let’s do that!” Why not? It doesn’t not make sense. 

For ‘Scorpion’, Jarrad came up with the initial concept for it. It’s about being in control of your own choices. Are we destined to make mistakes? I personally deal with a lot of mental health issues, so it was very cathartic for me to work through that with Jarrad. It’s basically a song about asking whether you’re in control of your life or is there a higher power coming into play that’s forcing you to make the decisions you make. 

What have you guys been getting up to this year to keep your mind busy from COVID-19?

We’ve actually written a bunch of new songs! We were booked in to record the next EP, but that’s been pushed back. We wrote a lot via Zoom. Jarrad and myself have also both gotten into cooking again, Brodie’s about to start a family, and we’re watching a lot of wrestling and anime as well.

Keeping yourself plenty busy, I see! What’s your favourite thing to cook?

Well, I’m vegan so Jarrad and I are cooking a lot of different vegan fried chicken meals. That’s all we’re trying at the moment! When we tour again, we like to have a list of restaurants to go to and experience. We’ve already got a list of vegan places on the list for that!

Who would you be keen to produce an EP with one day?

Jarrad and I were just talking about this. If we’re talking dream producers, Jarrad wants to work with Fredrik Nordström, the guy that did the earlier Bring Me The Horizon albums (Suicide Season, There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret), or Will Putney and Machine from MachineShop in the USA. 

But we’re booked in to record with Callan from Dream On, Dreamer for the next set of songs. So I’m just as equally as excited for that session when restrictions ease.

Let’s go through the memory vault for a moment – what was the best live show you played pre-COVID?

In Sydney, it was us, Father Deer Hands, PSTCRDS and Everleigh. There was meant to be a headliner, but they pulled out the day prior. It was still a great show in Newtown though. We’d all played together in Newcastle the day before, so it was good vibes all round. By the end of it, we were really happy to be hanging out with everyone.

And when live touring finally returns in Australia, who would you be keen to tour with?

We were meant to be going on a short run with Father Deer Hands, so hopefully them. I’m also a big fan of Hellions, hopefully they head out on a few shows again. I’m also really liking Matt Gravolin’s new band, Agnes Manners. Their album is giving me goosebumps. Void of Vision are sick live too. 

That’d be an incredible tour to go see, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for chatting, Cameron!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

Some Heard Trouble’s Scorpion EP is out tomorrow.

Some Heard Trouble – Scorpion tracklisting

1. Permanence
2. Scorpion
3. The Colour and Shade
4. The High Horse

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