Some Heard Trouble – Scorpion (EP Review)

Released: October 9, 2020


Cameron Brown| Heavy Vocals
Jarrad Ferrier | Vocals/Lead Guitar
Brodie Gibbons | Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Josh Thomas | Bass



In the hardcore scene, it certainly can be tough to stand out. With so much fresh talent and creativity in such a tight knit industry, you have to forever be ahead of the game if you want to attract attention. One way to avoid blending in with the crowd would be to create an entire genre of your own, which is exactly what Melbourne four piece act Some Heard Trouble have done. Two years after their first single dropped, the guys are finally releasing their debut EP, Scorpion.

With guidance from producer Scottie Simpson (Alpha Wolf), their first two singles ‘Sweet Tooth’ and ‘Blood Eyes’ left fans extremely intrigued for where Some Heard Trouble would be headed next. We finally have an answer, so let’s get into it!

First up is ‘Permanence’, who’s intro first reminded me a little of Ocean Sleeper. Cameron’s raw and abrupt screams mesh so fluently with Jarrad’s melodic cleans, both emotionally hammering every lyric right into you. The band have spoken to how personal this track is for them all, particularly Jarrad as he suffered the tragic loss of two family members just weeks prior to recording the EP.

Title track ‘Scorpion’, captivated my attention very quickly with this acoustic Spanish sounding guitar, layered with autotuned vocals. I honestly remember thinking, ‘this is weird, I love it!’ It all brutally comes crashing together with full force when the electric guitar and drums kick in, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat to see where this track would take me next. Jarrad’s vocals give it a grungy pop-punk flavour and the guest vocals from Georgia-May Galea (Everleigh) add a welcomed dynamic shift to the track. This track continues to surprise the whole way through, right until the saxophone solo at the end (yes, you read that correctly). It’s the most cross genre on the EP with so many unexpected elements and turns, creating a huge sense of anticipation for the rest of the tracks.

The Colour and Shade’ is sure to be a crowd favourite, bringing a fresh bounce and catchy as fuck hook to the floor. It still keeps a pop punk feel, though partnered with Cameron’s abrasive screams adds a further depth and diversity. The hasty rapping segment at around the half way point of this track compliments it well and emphasises again on the eagerness to take risks at every opportunity.

The High Horse’ begins with chunky segments of distorted guitar violently cutting into your eardrums. It’s a fierce warcry on how we have witnessed political matters rapidly deteriorate, especially over the past few years. The harsh vocals and rhythmic riffs are all purposefully in your face, tying nicely into the thesis of the song. Lyrics ‘Step outside, look alive, make a change’ anchor their way as the final twist to this rollercoaster of a journey.

In just 4 tracks, Scorpion addresses a number of significant themes, ranging from political issues to losing a loved one. Some Heard Trouble have not shied away from learning how certain situations define who you are as a person and the emotions that are presented. I think there’s times where bands can push musical boundaries and come across as ingenuine. So when there is still a clear sense of uniqueness, it really should be celebrated.

No two tracks on Scorpion are even remotely close to being the same, breathing a sense of fresh air to the hardcore world. It’s experimental, exhilarating and executed so damn well. Some Heard Trouble have done a stellar job in stepping away from what you’d come to expect and let each track shred in its own unique way. I am incredibly keen to see where this band goes next.

Under black lights, scorpions are known to glow due to the presence of fluorescent chemicals in their exoskeleton. The black light in this instance is the hardcore genre we think we know and the glowing scorpion is Some Heard Trouble, beaming with authenticity, pincers at the ready.

Some Heard Trouble – Scorpion tracklisting

1. Permanence
2. Scorpion
3. The Colour and Shade
4. The High Horse

Rating: 6.5/10
Scorpion is out this Friday.
Review By – Rhiannon Porter (@rrhiannonporter)

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