Geezer Butler – Heavy Metal Turns Fifty; The Birth of Black Sabbath

Referred to by Rolling Stone magazine as The Beatles of heavy metal, Black Sabbath are (to put it simply), ultimate pioneers, having recorded genre-defining album Paranoid in 1970, the same year as their self-titled record. Little would Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Bill Ward know the unmatched impact Paranoid would have on generations to come. If you’re reading this, it may have even changed your life forever.  Fast forward a whopping fifty years, and Black Sabbath are celebrating the golden anniversary release of the (arguably) first-ever heavy metal album, with a major box set collectable available on Friday, October 9th via BMG. The Birmingham band wrapped things up in their hometown on 4 February 2017 with the last ever Black Sabbath live show. However, with a special legacy, the iconic musicians will continue to relish in their many achievements after this date, and this one is no different.  Basking in the incredible anniversary release, I had the honour of hearing from the extraordinary bassist, which not only gratified my most inner ‘Almost Famous / William Miller’ aspirations, but shone some light into Butler’s inner-world, from two remarkably different epochs – fifty years ago and today. “This is the … Continue reading Geezer Butler – Heavy Metal Turns Fifty; The Birth of Black Sabbath