Breakdown Of Sanity Return With New Song ‘Traces’

The Breakdown of Sanity teaser over the past few weeks has definitely been worth the wait. Fans have been speculating what the comeback could be – some suggested it could be new merch, whilst others thought another cover could be in the works, after the success of their monster Kanye West‘Stronger’ cover.

Well speculate no more, the Swiss metalcore legends are back with a brand new single ‘Traces’ which blow your socks off. Those signature riffs we’ve frothed over the band’s back catalogue are back, and with some crisp production. This time they even feature some really original cleans in the chorus which is some welcome variation.

If this isn’t enough to excite you, the band have suggested some more material to come out regularly, instead of waiting for a full list of songs to form an album. Catch their announcement below:

“Hello World! Today’s a big day for us – we’re stoked to announce our brand new song “Traces” which is digitally available everywhere as from now!
​​We’re sure that some of you have questions as we have stopped our activities as a live band in 2017, so let us shed some light into the dark:
​​At that time we decided not to play concerts anymore and not to record another album. It was simply time for a (creative) break of uncertain duration, and with the increasing responsibilities that life brings, we all needed more time for our personal plans (family, job…). However, we have never considered this pause as the definitive end of our musical work. We were all still open for musical projects, be it with BoS or in any other form.
​​And as time passed by, new ideas and a new passion for our music emerged. So we started recording again. Just some demo tracks, just for fun – until we realized that we still had something to say and that we could not just stop. And the fact that we were no longer under any deadline pressure, that nobody was expecting anything, and that without concerts we could invest much more time in music without neglecting our private lives, made us realize that there is a way to reconcile all our passions.
​​This is also the reason why we decided not to record a whole album but a single. And the best thing is: More will follow! In the future we will record more new ideas and release them as singles as soon as they are ready. This way our fans always get something new to hear from us instead of having to wait 3 years for a new album or EP.
​​At this time we don’t plan to play any shows though, due to the reasons mentioned above.
​​We hope you like “Traces” and we’re more than happy to be somehow back in the game. Stay tuned for more!”

Bang that new track and embrace the return of Breakdown of Sanity.

Ricky @rickysaul90

You can stream/buy ‘Traceshere.

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