Repentance – God For A Day (Album Review)

Repentance – God For A Day
Release Date: 25th September, 2020

Robby J. Fonts | Vocals
Shaun Glass | Guitar
Markus Johansson | Guitar
Mike Sylvester | Bass
Kanky Lora | Drums



What do you get when you combine a Canadian rapper with a veteran American guitarist? If the first thing that popped into your head is a new death metal outfit you’ve obviously been paying attention. If not, here are Repentance.

The brainchild of former Soil guitarist Shaun Glass, he recruited Stuck Mojo front-man Robby J. Fonts to complete the line up of Mike Sylvester on Bass, Markus Johansson wielding the second guitar and skins man Kanky Lora. The band burst onto the scene back in 2018 with their first single ‘Enter The Gallows’, the song fired a warning shot – something brutal this way comes.

For a first single off a debut album the bar has been set very high indeed. The song showcases Fonts brutal vocal range, effortlessly switching between low register death growls to banshee-like higher octave black metal screams. As with other songs on the album there are a clutch of influences on display.

The ominous instrumental intro to God For A Day is like a slow march leading the damned to their fate, but what you are hit with is the opening track ‘Only The Damned Die’. This first salvo fires off at 100 miles an hour with no slowing down, it’s heavy, hard and angry as shit –  death metal ain’t sunshine and rainbows. Having said that Repentance are more than just another death metal band, musically there are swathes of thrash intertwined with NWOBHM galloping riffs. The band finds a real melodic groove in songs like ‘Where The Vultures Gather’, there’s a European-metal sensibility not usually found in American bands, an almost symphonic structure that’ll get you grooving. Face melting brutality combines with some truly gentle musical moments. The whole album is structured in such a way the listener is picked up thrashed around, brought safely back to earth, and then sucker punched for good measure.

If I had one criticism, 9 tracks coming in at just over half an hour is a little short for me. I was left wanting more, so maybe that’s not a bad thing at all.

This is a balls out, feet first, fuck the consequences debut album. Heavy music, angry lyrics packaged in such a way old school metal heads will dig it, while modern metal fans will appreciate the fresh approach.

Repentance – God For A Day track listing:

1. Repentance (Intro)
2. Only The Damned Die
3. Clarity
4. God For A Day
5. Snake Oil
6. Enter The Gallows
7. Where The Vultures Gather
8. Born To Choose
9. Deliverance

Rating: 9/10
God For A Day is available Friday via Art Is War Records. Grab a copy HERE
Review by Gareth Williams


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