Windwaker Rebuts Reside In Fine Form

Yesterday, Reside grilled their brothers in Windwaker about their deepest and darkest secrets…and, well, it was br00tal. So brutal in fact, that the Windwaker boys have come rolling in with some firey questions of their own to knock the Reside lads off their high horses.

They’re done with the misunderstood memes and are setting the record straight so without further ado, let’s let them do their thing…

You often post video skits that parody famous TV and movie scenes, have guys you considered putting that amount of effort into your music instead?

Well, when we saw your online success with posting existing meme formats, we figured that was evidence enough that music and originality probably isn’t that important.

Windwaker have added Reside to a few shows and tours in the past, and from what we can tell, you guys had great feedback (you should probably go look into noise gates for that). How long until you stop needing us in order for you to book a successful show?

Pretty bold of you to call any of those shows “successful” honestly.

Alright boys, so your headline at Cherry Bar, tell us a bit about that. Was it nice being able to fit your entire fanbase into one room?

It was actually pretty nice not having to wait five years for actual fans to come to a show.

Question for Liam: are you the type to downgrade your computer software as well?

Honestly if the computer is fucked, I’m more the type to just bin the whole thing and find a better one.

They’re saying after lockdown that we may need to allow for 2 metres distance between each person that attends a live show. What safety measures ar- oh wait, this won’t affect you guys… Uh next question.

True. There was plenty of room on UNIFY Main Stage.

Would you rather: a) only be able to write shitty Citizen rip offs, or b) forever live in the shadow of your singer’s former band?

Weird that you guys would say something like that after absolutely flogging a year’s worth of Liam memes. Pretty sure the horse is dead, boys.

You guys seem to DIY a lot for a band that has a member with Windwaker royalties. Anyway, we’re re-stocking our merch today, how many Centrelink hoodies were you after?

You guys seem to play a lot of music written by an ex member. Anyway, we’re having a writing sesh later – how many songs were you guys after?

Do you guys need help with your next release?

Funny, it doesn’t seem like we’re having any trouble releasing new music. Where’s that new album at?

Oooooh, I think the playing field’s pretty even now boys.

DISCLAIMER: Contrary to what some may think, there is actually no real beef between the bands, and we love and support both Reside and Windwaker just as much. Hope you all got a good kick out of these interviews just as much as we did!

Adjudication By Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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