Igloo Zoo Returns With New Lineup + New Song ‘Psycho’

The last time we spoke to Shawn Mayer from Igloo Zoo, he was long wolfing his incredible project which combines prog, metalcore and very djenty sounds to his music which our reviewer described as Devin Townsend meets Architects and Northlane. His album Light|Sound|Dimensions took us by surprise (our review here) and we HAD to chat with the man behind the music about his project for our podcast Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall (revisit that here).

Now, he’s back and he’s brought along some new faces,Joel Debien, Bobby Oblak, and Jack Barrueto who will now make up the band Igloo Zoo and we just had to find out all the goss since we last spoke, especially since the band dropped their new song ‘Psycho‘ this morning… Here’s how that went down!

Shawn, welcome back! Firstly we notice some new faces in Igloo Zoo. What’s been going on since we last spoke?

Great to be back Browny! Thanks for having me 🙂 Igloo Zoo has had a bit of a makeover since we last spoke; we are now a 4 piece and all reign from Sydney. It’s been a pleasure to welcome, write and work with the new members Joel Debien, Bobby Oblak (COPIA, Alien Weaponary), and Jack Barrueto.

How’d you come to deciding on the guys you’ve had join the band, which our readers would know was a one-man project when we covered your Light|Sound|Dimensions release?

The decision was formed when I was producing a band’s single – a band of 5, who were all great friends. There was a dynamic in the room that day that was really special to witness. It just felt right to reach out and expand Igloo Zoo.

Once I knew what I was looking for, it’s almost as if fate helped me meet the fellas. It took about 2-3 months until I was 100% certain that these guys were the dudes for the job, and they do NOT disappoint.

The new song ‘Psycho’ keeps the sounds of the previous release flowing (djent/core/prog), was that something that HAD to come back with the next phase of the band?

Absolutely; Although, there was a catch – We wanted to work with synths, and bring back that “Meshuggah” vibe we all know and love. We love bands and artists like Snarky Puppy, Daft Punk, RÜFÜS DU SOL, My Morning Jacket and we loved how they incorporate soundscaping pads and synths into their sounds so we had to try it ourselves (phasers, flangers, all that trippy shit), and it just worked really well. We’ll definitely be using WAY more synths and trippy effects for what comes next.

COVID-19 messed up a whole bunch of plans for bands across the world. Were you affected or did the free time mean you could focus on new music?

COVID had a big impact on our livelihoods. Bobby was a touring musician and Joel as well; both were out of gigs and work. Having said that, it wouldn’t have been THIS band if COVID didn’t happen. It’s very weird how life works like that.

What’s next for Igloo Zoo?

We’ll be head down, finishing our work, and preparing many more goodies for you guys. It’ll (hopefully) be quite different to what you’re used to; but hey, that’s Igloo Zoo

Looking forward to the next step my man!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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