Yours Truly – Self Care (Album Review)

Yours Truly – Self Care
Released: September 18th, 2020


Mikaila Delgado // vocals
Teddie Haron // guitars
Lachlan Cronin // guitars
Bradley Cronan // drums



Australian pop punk act (and UNFD’s sole pop punk band on their roster) Yours Truly have gone from zero to absolute heroes in the last twelve months. The four-piece have been offered festival slots from all corners of the world, which is proof they’re an upcoming pop punk powerhouse to be reckoned with. I was stoked to be able to check out how they went with their debut full-length album, Self Care. Let’s have a look shall we?

The record kicks off with an energetic, melancholy number, ‘Siamese Souls’, seeing the band picking up right where they left us from their Afterglow EP. This energy continues with ‘Composure’, which was the band’s first song released earlier this year and an all too relatable anthem for keeping your cool about the ending of a relationship. I love how front woman Mikaila Delgado is able to write lyrics that are simple to connect with and at the same time, transcends into a catchy melody. I can also kinda see where the overall theme of “self care” starts to fit in with third track, ‘Together’, a song about being so caught up in your own thoughts and anxieties that makes it difficult to find the right words to say in any given situation.

Listening to Self Care, I realised that hearing these songs was like having your conscious best friend by your side through significant moments in your life. Kinda like, Lizzie McGuire having that cartoon emoji version of herself playing out scenarios in your mind. That’s exactly what came to mind particularly when listening to ‘Vivid Dream’. Definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album, it’s a song for the carefree youth, living out their best life and taking in every moment. It reminds me of my younger self, when I was living life out of a suitcase (or snowboard bag), and had the world at my feet. The guitar riffs here ooze infectious melodies and are so reminiscent of State Champs and early Tonight Alive so much that I see ‘Vivid Dream’ becoming the first (of many!) pop punk anthems for Yours Truly.

The band slows the pace slightly with ‘Undersize’, experimenting with acoustic sounds with the help of a banjo. This track also brings to light how someone else’s emotional struggles can affect you. It’s a wholesome, feel-good track showing support for your friends and you kinda can’t help but tap your feet to that guitar strum throughout here. The upbeat, pop punky riffs return on ‘Ghost’, and for me resonates feelings of “see you later” to those that no longer serve me in this life. It’s kinda like, letting go of the old to welcome in new energy and friendships. “I’m a ghost to your noise…” and that catchy riff over the bridge and post-chorus is so tasty and fun to jump along to (when gigs return).

This exuberant energy continues with ‘Funeral Home’, an anthem for those rare, awkward family moments. It’s quite an intriguing theme to explore in music, the grim idea and feelings of funerals, but I love the perspective that the band have gone with here. Just singing along to the line “…dancing around in your funeral home” will keep you on your feet with those upbeat, summery riffs. This tone continues with the following song,  ‘Glass Houses’ which sonically collides with one of Yours Truly’s earlier releases. The infectious riffs driving the beat through the chorus is super reminiscent of ‘High Hopes’ and is up there as a pop punk anthem alongside some of the pop punk A-leagues like State Champs and Stand Atlantic.

‘Half of Me’ sees Mikaila baring her inner soul in a truly acoustic, wholesome setting, moreso than we heard on ‘Undersize’. A song speaking out about long distance relationships and being away from your significant other, this song is no doubt proof she’s got one of the strongest voices in the Australian pop punk landscape. The only thing that’d make this track better would be a male counterpart feature, and I wouldn’t say no to Between You and Me’s Jake Wilson making a return, considering ‘Delusional Paradise’ is one of my fave song collabs within the past two years.

Self Care finishes this stellar full-length debut from Yours Truly with an emo, punk banger about wearing your heart on your sleeve. Suitably called ‘Heartsleeve’, it features a soaring pop chorus about baring your soul and inner truths to someone, pushing any anxieties out of your mind. It wraps up the entire theme in a neat little bow, and you’re left in awe, wondering what else Yours Truly have up their sleeves.

Yours Truly have stepped up onto a comfortable pedestal with their debut album. Self Care is a breath of fresh air for any music fan, exploring  relevant issues any young adult finds themselves in, and at the same time signalling personal growth for the band. It’s a soundtrack for anyone wanting to take a step back and pause, so that they don’t lose sight of themselves. I loved how easily I could relate to each song, that just made it that much more enjoyable to listen to. When the time comes, this young four-piece from Sydney are more than ready to continue taking their consistent, energetic brand of pop punk out onto the world stage.

Yours Truly – Self Care tracklisting:

1. Siamese Souls
2. Composure
3. Together
4. Vivid Dream
5. Undersize
6. Ghost
7. Funeral Home
8. Glass Houses
9. Half Of Me
10. Heartsleeve

Rating: 9/10
Self Care is out Friday through UNFD. Pre-order here
Review By Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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