Eskimo Callboy – MMXX (EP Review)

Eskimo Callboy – MMXX EP
Released September 11th, 2020

Eskimo Callboy Line up:
Kevin Ratajczak | Heavy vocals
Nico Sallach | Clean vocals
Daniel Haniß | Guitar
Pascal Schillo | Guitar
Daniel Klossek | Bass
David-Karl Friedrich | Drums

Eskimo Callboy online:


The year is 2020; the month is July, the world has burnt itself to the ground in a giant shitpile. Out of the flames rises a wild and incredibly catchy song. It’s different, it’s unusual, but we can’t get enough of it. After being a popular act in Germany since 2010, Eskimo Callboy finally assaults Australian ears with their single ‘Hypa Hypa’, and we’re obsessed! Now their EP MMXX is releasing, and it’s time to see if it’s worth the… Hypa *groan and eye-roll at pun*

MMXX starts strong with the hardstyle/techno refrains of the well known and loved ‘Hypa Hypa’. Honestly, how great is this song? It’s so catchy, the chorus is super simple and easy to sing, but it’s still musically tight. It introduces the talents of each band member with great vocals from the clean and heavy vocalists Nico and Kevin and the switch between techno and super heavy intense instruments. This song was the phoenix we needed halfway through this year. 

And let’s talk about the film clip for a minute- so funny! Australians will recognise the hairstyles straight away with the band sporting incredible mullets. I remember speaking to a Dutch guy when I lived in London and learning that mullets were also a done thing in Europe which was news to me. I know there is a name for the style the band are emanating in the film clip, it’s a particular type of European, maybe like our bogan? I did an extensive google though and couldn’t find it what it was called. Someone, please tell me so I can look into it more.

Next up is ‘Hate/Love’, the follow up single to ‘Hypa Hypa’ and yet again what a banger! This song has “3OH!3 but better and heavier” vibes. It’s so reminiscent of the emo and pop-punk of the early 2000s. It’s like Metro Station’s ‘Shake It’ but its much cooler, older, more muscly brother. You know when you were at your friend’s house, and their teenage sibling went to a party or drove away in a cool car, but you were only 12 so you had to stay home and watch movies? That’s what this song is to ‘Shake It’

‘MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)’ takes us to Asia with Japanese themes and a lead up to the chorus that goes “Ichi, ni, san, kawaii”. This is yet another fun and groovy song with the trademark heavy instruments and growls. It is also the most electronic of the EP with a huge hardstyle breakdown that will make you feel like you’re suddenly at Defqon.1 Festival. The lyrics to this song are excellent; the second verse says “I’ll punch you back in time and I don’t give a shit / Then you’re a great great great grandson of a bitch / It’s date night baby and it starts with a kiss / What a pretty lovely couple your face and my fist”. Lyrical brilliance!

Now, here’s where things get a bit spicy. Eskimo Callboy have dubbed their genre “Porno Metal” and it’s not hard to see why. Their songs are filled with sexy-time lyrics. ‘Hypa Hypa’ is about wanting a bang a girl from a club. ‘Hate/Love’ is about a toxic relationship but the sex is fire, so they keep going back, and ‘MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)’ mentions fucking someone’s mum.  But strap yourself in and get ready for ‘Monsieur Moustache’. I’d like to think I am pretty open-minded and not a lot shocks me, but my goodness this song is a bit “how’s your father!” I don’t want to give too much away because you just have to listen to it, but I looked like this when I heard it:

It’s another song with a similar feel to the others and the small question in my head is, are the lyrics a little misogynistic ooorrrr is it just that I am not as liberally sexual as they are in Europe? I’m sorry, I know I am a killjoy, but that’s just the thought I had when I heard this song, and these conversations are important! 

To finish up the EP we have ‘Dramaqueen’ which honestly adds nothing new, its catchy Euro techno mixed with heavy metal and talks about wanting to have sex but then we end with the slow burner ‘Prism’ that shows the band aren’t all techno and fucking. This is a gorgeous love song that showcases vocalist Nico’s soulful voice. It also features Tobias Rauscher who is a classical guitarist which adds to it perfectly.  Fun fact, Nico joined the band in July, replacing the previous singer who left and he auditioned with ‘Prism’. The band announced his addition with a video which includes the film clip for ‘Hypa Hypa’. Honestly, pretty much everything this band touches is funny.

I’ve said it before, but I am a sucker for a gimmick and theatrics. Maybe it’s the years of dancing, singing and drama I did in my youth. I reviewed Poppy and BABYMETAL last year and saw both when they came to Australia for Good Things (maybe Eskimo Callboy would have been on the lineup this year if Rona hadn’t killed it). When I knew this EP was coming out, I jumped on the chance to review it. In saying that, a gimmick isn’t good though if it is all theatrics and no talent or decent songs. MMXX doesn’t have this problem though and it is a great way  for Aussie listeners to get well acquainted with the band. Who knows when they will finally make it to Aus for a show but when they do, you know I will be there because it is sure to be a wild time! Also, Line-up idea – these guys and BABYMETAL. Just make sure the callboys are kept well away from the innocent BABYMETAL girls!

Eskimo Callboy – MMXX tracklisting:

1.Hypa Hypa
3.MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)
4.Monsieur Moustache
6.Prism (feat. Tobias Rauscher)

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 How’s Your Fathers.
MMXX is out Friday. Pre-order here
Review By – Caitlin MacDonald (@cait_2tone)

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